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Little improvement for Lech Poznań after the first match of the Champions League qualifiers

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In the first match of the 1st qualifying round of the Champions League, Lech Poznań players beat Azerbaijani Karabakh Akhtam 1-0 (1-0) at home. The rematch will be held on July 12 in Baku.

Michael Ishak’s goal sealed the deal for Lech A modest improvement to the rematch, but the road to the second qualifying round is still a long way off. The Swede in the colors of Poznań has already scored his ninth goal in European Cups.

Dutchman Jan van de Brom was officially introduced to Legg’s coaching role at Tuesday’s meeting. He didn’t make too many changes compared to the lineup that won the “Colejours” national championship. With new players Only Ukrainian goalkeeper Artur Rudko appearedNorwegian Kristoffer Velde, a rarity in the spring, played at right midfield.

I still saw the first minutes Lechites performance is promising, but then the initiative belongs to the competitors. The Karabakh players felt more and more confident with each successive action, while demonstrating excellent technical training. They were often looking for duels with each other and they created a lot of danger in Rudka’s goal. Fortunately for the hosts, most of Azerbaijan’s shots went wide of the goal.

Richard Almeida came close to beating Rudka in the 17th minute; Hit hard, but over the bar. The hosts had problems breaking out of their own half at times “Kolejorz” fans certainly don’t remember the last time their team dominated at home.

Poznań residents looked forward to their chance at counter-attacks, but There was a lack of precision and automation during the processTwo months ago was their strong point.

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At times it seemed that a goal for the Azerbaijani champion was hanging in the air, but The hosts survived the enemy attack. Just before the break, after a good and thoughtful move, Lechites took the lead. Ishaq added a foot to Joel Perera’s cross. The stats were for Qarabag, but it was the Polish champions who went into the dressing room with a positive result..

Irritability after a break The Azeris were quick to attack the hosts’ goal, but the Polish champions did not allow themselves to be subdued in the first half.. It was the Poznan men who posed the greatest threat in the visitors’ penalty area. Ishaq could have extended the lead but he miscalculated the ball and missed the ball.

A dozen or so minutes later is an even better occasion Filip Simczak, who was not attacked by anyone, took advantage of the attack from about 13 meters out, not too sloppy.. The visitors’ goalkeeper pushed the ball forward and closed the action, Michał Leatherś, instead of scoring immediately, started to move the ball and the rivals avoided the danger.

Lech was supported by more than 25,000 fans For a moment the wind blew his sails, and much of the rescue was brought about by another backup, Adriel Ba Loua, but after a while Rudko saved the team after a shot by Abdel Jubir. The edge belonged to Karabakh again, but the hosts’ defense made no mistake.

Leg Poznan: Artur Rudko – Joel Pereira, Lubomir Sadka, Antonio Milik, Pedro Repocho – Christopher Velde (62. Adriel Pa Lua), Radoslaw Murawski (83. Alan Cerwiski), Joa Amaral (62. Filip Szymczak, Jesper Kurselstrom, Jesper Ishak (80. Nika Kwekwesgiri).

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Karabakh October: Sakhrudin Makhamadalizhiev – Marko Vesovic, Maxim Medvedev, Kevin Medina, Elvin Kafarkulzhiev (82. Dural Bajramov) – Garage Garages, Leandro Andrade (62. Filip Osobic), Richard Almeida (62. Mark Jankovic), Kvadivna (82) – Ibrahim Vadji ( 62. Ramil Sejatajiv), Abdullah Zubir.

Judged: Jose Luis Munuera Montero (Hispania). Audience: 25 118.

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