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Liz Cheney: - I'll do everything I can to keep Trump out of the Oval Office - VG

Liz Cheney: – I’ll do everything I can to keep Trump out of the Oval Office – VG

Outside: Liz Cheney met with the media at the Capitol on Wednesday. Photo: MANDEL NGAN / AFP

Last night Liz Cheney delivered a harsh speech against Donald Trump and his fellow Republicans who support his undocumented allegations of election fraud. She has now been stripped of her leadership position in the Republican Party.


Reuters reports and several US media outlets. The decision, in the form of a closed vote, was on hold after Cheney criticized former US President Donald Trump.

She also voted to put Trump on trial, because she believes he has instigated Supporters attack on Congress on January 6 this year.

Shortly after Cheney became evidently losing her leadership position, she continued at Trump’s insistence, according to ABC News.

“I will do everything in my power to ensure that the former president does not approach the Oval Office again,” she said, referring to the US President’s office in the White House.

Trump himself has already commented on the impeachment:

Liz Cheney is a bitter and awful person, he wrote in a statement, in which he also claimed that she was only talking about the Democrats’ cause and that she had not done anything useful to the country.

Trump wrote that he saw the speech she gave in the House of Representatives, one of the two rooms of the US Congress, on Wednesday evening. There, Cheney reached out to the party and supporters of former President Donald Trump. And also against Trump himself.

The President: Donald Trump has only one term as President of the United States. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds / AFP

Staying silent and ignoring the lie means encouraging the liar. I will not sit still and watch others lead our party in a direction in which one abandons the rules of law and unites with the former president and his crusade to undermine our democracy.

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The Wyoming representative holds by far the third-most powerful position in the Republican Party in the House of Representatives. This will likely be her end today. After all the sun signs, the majority of her fellow party mates will replace her loyal to Trump, Elise Stefanik.

Reason: She voted to prosecute former President Donald Trump, believing he incited His supporters attack Congress on January 6 This year, she is among the relatively few Republican politicians who have dared to describe Trump’s undocumented allegations of election fraud in the presidential election in November last year as untrue.

– Cheated

The former president misled millions of Americans. They only heard his words, but they did not hear the truth as he continues to undermine our democratic process, by asking whether democracy works at all, Cheney continued from the podium.

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There is no doubt that Trump continues to dismiss allegations of electoral fraud, despite the fact that court after court dismissed his claims in the wake of last year’s elections and even the attorney general said there was no evidence of fraud.

Recently, last week, the former president sent out a short statement writing that “the rigged presidential election in 2020 will be known as of this day as the big lie”.

It’s a term his critics have long used about his undocumented allegations of election fraud.

Suspension: Trump wins a tug of war

Demonstration: Photo taken from an event in Liz Cheney, pictured on the poster the man carries with him in Wyoming in January. Trump supporters who hold up posters calling for her to, among other things, stand before the Supreme Court show their displeasure at the fact that she voted to place Donald Trump before the Supreme Court. Foto: Michael Ciaglo / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA

Cheney says she considers Trump a threat the United States has never before seen.

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The former president who sparked a violent attack on Congress in an attempt to steal the election still faces his aggressive attempts to convince Americans that the election was stolen from him. It risks inciting more violence.

He is more than Trump

US expert and senior researcher at the Department of Defense Studies, Sven Melby, told VG this weekend that the power struggle currently raging in the Republican Party revolves around much more than Liz Cheney and Donald Trump.

The It revolves around the spirit of the party and American democracy, Believes.

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To understand what is happening now in the Republican Party, Melby says, one must assume that the United States is in transition from the control of white Anglo-Protestant groups to a true multicultural society.

This is linked to economic and social problems, meaning that the country has now gained bitter political polarization between those fighting for change and groups that represent change. The first group sees this as a struggle for their existence. They fear that “the United States” is about to be dropped from them. Melby explains that Trump has succeeded in becoming a symbol for this group, and they now dominate the Republican Party.

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“Given this background, it seems within this group that Trump is likely to claim that the representatives of change also stole the presidential election in November, and the storming of Congress is seen as a legitimate expression of that view,” he says.

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Autocratic direction

According to the chief researcher, this group has clear anti-democratic tendencies:

In their view, there is now so much at stake that the democratic rules and regulations of the game are no longer sufficient tools to achieve their goal of stopping change.

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So Melby thinks the dispute over Cheney is about much more than the disagreement about her and Trump.

It is a question of whether the Republican Party will remain part of American democracy, or whether the party will henceforth be dominated by an authoritarian tendency.

The American expert believes that the fact that Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, is likely to be voted on by the party leadership today, is a clear sign that this is the last thing about to happen.