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Lobo and Pola's caution clarifies: Rodrigo Moura's contract

Lobo and Pola's caution clarifies: Rodrigo Moura's contract

SAD dos Dragões signed a professional contract with Pearl of Genesis in June 2023 for the maximum period stipulated by law: three seasons.

During his visit to Casa do Porto da Avorada on Saturday, Nuno Lobo, the club's presidential candidate, left a warning about the contractual situation of Rodrigo Moura, the creative figure who featured in FC Porto's qualification to the quarter-finals of the youth category. League.

“Our pearl, Rodrigo Moura. “I think his contractual situation has not been taken care of yet.” The truth is that FC Porto has taken care of Moura's contractual issue, within the limits imposed by the law on minor players.

Nuno Lobo was present at the Casa do FC Porto da Avorada stadium and commented on the nominations of Villas Boas and Pinto da Costa for the presidency of the Dragons.

On 2 June 2023, FC Porto announced the signing of Rodrigo Moura's first professional contract, without specifying the number of seasons. This is usual for the Dragon team when it comes to a football player from the formation, despite the natural curiosity of the fans to know the details of the agreement.

The 16-year-old player – who will turn 17 on May 5 – signed for a period of three years, that is, until June 2026. According to the regulations of the Player Registration and Transfer Category Regulations, an employment contract signed by a footballer under the age of 18 cannot exceed three years. seasons and must contain a personal declaration signed by the athlete's legal representative. In other words, SAD protected Mora's future for the maximum period provided by law.

At 18 years old, Rodrigo Moura will already be able to sign a contract for a maximum of five seasons, but until then the current contract remains the norm, leaving the Dragons relatively quiet.

Rodrigo Moura became the youngest player ever to play in the Portuguese professional football league, in the FC Porto B match against Tondela, on January 15, when he was 15 years, 8 months and 10 days old. He was also the youngest player ever to score in Ligue 2, aged 16 years, six months and six days, in a 3-2 defeat to Penafiel, surpassing the record held by Cher N'Dour, in the days when the current midfielder was on loan by Paris Saint-Germain. Germán to SC Braga, and played for Benfica B.

Any row!  Rodrigo Moura's goal against Barcelona and Porto in the Youth League (video)Any row!  Rodrigo Moura's goal against Barcelona and Porto in the Youth League (video)