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Logitech launches its new Wave Keys ergonomic keyboard

Logitech launches its new Wave Keys ergonomic keyboard

a Logitech Launched this week new keyboard, Wave keysIts most notable feature is its more comfortable wave-shaped design. The product also has a wrist support at the bottom, which makes use more comfortable. There is also full compatibility with macOS, facilitating ease of use on Apple computers.

Compared to the brand’s old keyboard which was also in this format, the new model has a more compact and modern look, with less space between the keys and a larger wrist rest, composed of three layers of flexible foam. The product is available in matte white, graphite and pink and is EPA certified.

Compared to MacBook keyboards and even the Magic Keyboard, the Wave Keys have greater depth, which also contributes to comfort while typing. according to 9to5MacHowever, the keys are not too noisy and the experience is quite smooth.

The new keyboard also pays special attention to sustainability Carbon emissionsLike other Logitech products. The paper used in the product packaging is made from wood from certified reforestation forests and other controlled sources, while the plastic used in the device is post-consumer recycling. 61% Of the plastic parts of the graphite model and 46% Of white is recycled.

In terms of connectivity, the keyboard has Bluetooth technology and is compatible with different systems – such as macOS, iPadOS, and Windows. Some keys share Windows and macOS functionality, making it possible to customize functions and create shortcuts and smart actions to improve your app workflow. Logi+ options.

You can quickly switch between up to three different devices with just the press of a button. A USB Logi BOLT adapter is included in the box, allowing the keyboard to connect to a computer or other device securely, with encryption and low latency, without having to use a Bluetooth connection.

The keyboard is powered by two AAA batteries, with a lifespan of up to 1,000 metres, according to Logitech Three years. Cost of Wave Keys in the US 60 USD It will start being sold in some markets starting tomorrow (10/13) in graphite and white, while the pink color will be on the market next year only.

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