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Long live Sporting.  Celebrities Dressed Up for Party Night |

Long live Sporting. Celebrities Dressed Up for Party Night |

Worry grows and final preparations for the next party night are complete. Today, Sporting Club Portugal could be crowned national champions if they beat Boavista, at the Alvalade stadium.

The match kicks off at 8:30 pm, but on social media, the famous Portuguese, pro-lion, is ready to hop for joy and dress up.

Eduardo Madeira He showed his two younger daughters wearing club jerseys:

“Today. Because joy does not come alone,” you can read it in the post.

“Vamooooooooooos. You know the love Sportinguistas feel! It’s been waiting for many years! But always by your side, Sporting. You’re my great love! Sporting always,” he said Marco Costa.

Sarah Pratta She wore a nightgown given to her baby daughter, Amelia.

The actress wrote, “Amelia received the shirt when she was born, and today she brings it dressed so she can start collecting victories. Come to Sporting Club, we have a little nervous.”

Tania Ribas de Oliveira And her husband is ready to celebrate 19 years since their heartfelt club was a soccer champion.

The presenter writes, “Where are you all going! Many years have passed! There is faith.”

“Maria Francisca is nervous! Oh, she says she’s going to the Marquis,” he joked. Flavio Furtado He showed his pet dog his clothes.

Pedro Fernandez He remembered an old photo of one of his children and in the caption he showed his love for the club.

“At the age of 13 and 8, my children might see today that Sporting Club de Portugal is the national football champion for the first time. I, who have already gone through two great periods of fasting, realize how difficult it is to grow without winning as many times as our competitors win and having to hear The same jokes year after year.But here at home, the scarves are dust-free because they always went to the field to be waved and used with pride.Today we could be heroes and tomorrow we could win again or we could go through another long fast, but the love of Sporting will not Never fades Long live Sporting! Sporting always. Thank you Grandpa “You can read on a long spree.

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