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Lords Beta 'opens her heart' about the return of war in Ukraine: 'I had nightmares...'

Lords Beta ‘opens her heart’ about the return of war in Ukraine: ‘I had nightmares…’

Lurdes Baeta was one of CNN Portugal’s envoys to Ukraine, where she spent about three weeks covering the news. On Friday, May 27, the Information Center appeared on TVI’s morning program “Dois à 10” and spoke about the wonderful experience.

In a conversation with Maria Botelho Moniz and Claudio Ramos, Lourdes Beta admitted that the first days in Portugal, after going to Ukraine, were difficult.

“I stayed there for 4 days. So, I had nightmares at night. Because I showed everything on TV, I did the reporting, and everything I did, I was able to get it on air and tell the story in the most honest, truthful, transparent and profound way I could find (.. .) “He started by saying.

Lourdes Beta later considered that everything she went through was in her heart and “does not leave”, stressing that the love she received upon her arrival in Portugal was what reassured her to return “to normal life”.

“When I came back, it took 4 days… I was still there, every night I dreamed about it, but when I arrived I had a big hug of love from people I didn’t even expect and it was so comforting and helped me – bring me back to normal life”He confessed.

“I didn’t feel like my life was in danger”

The journalist later recalled how she told her family that she was going to war in Ukraine, noting that the “hardest thing” was actually telling her parents, who were worried.

“When I heard the sirens and I was live, I would have felt butterflies in my stomach,” more than if I hadn’t, perhaps because I thought “Maybe my mother was watching this and would be worried” (…) more than this caring”He remembers.

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