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L'Oréal guarantees that it will "not close its doors" in Portugal - companies

L’Oréal guarantees that it will “not close its doors” in Portugal – companies

L’Oréal Negosios asserts that it “would not close its doors in Portugal” and also that “very few” of the surplus would be conducted in the country as part of the construction of an Iberian structure, because “the majority” of people would not continue in Portugal “had a proposal” to work in Spain.

“We will retain the majority of the staff here. A new entity will be created that will strengthen Portugal’s position. We will want to strengthen our position in the market and we will put in a bigger difference to serve the Spanish and Portuguese markets,” confirms the Negócios source to L’Oréal.

The same source explains that it is creating a new entity, at the Iberian level, which strengthens the synergy between the poles of Portugal and Spain. Despite this structural change, it reinforces that most Portuguese employees will continue to work from the country and that the rest have been invited to move to Spain.

These illustrations are from the cosmetic collection follow from News published by JE This Friday, July 9, it was reported that L’Oreal had decided that by the end of 2021 it would not have a subsidiary in Portugal and that the idea would be to coordinate the operation in the Portuguese market from Madrid.

According to the same publication, some teams, managers and executives have been invited to continue working at L’Oréal, but from Spain. Despite these changes, products will continue to be sold on the Portuguese market, and brand activations will also be maintained.

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