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"Lots of people have wonderful lives. Lots of liars"

“Lots of people have wonderful lives. Lots of liars”

DrAfter controversial statements about the Catholic Church, Jose Carlos Malato once again shared new opinions, this time about aging and the role of television.

Lots of happy people. Lots of cool people. Lots of people flaunt their bodies like a butcher. Lots of old people want to look young. Lots of people have happy relationships. Lots of skinny people. Lots of people have great lives. Lots of liars. “,” You can read the same in Jose Carlos Malato’s first post, in the stories on his Instagram page.

“There are people who support people with plastic happiness. This increases the frustration of those who cannot be like them [email protected], we. There is a thought to be done. And above all, there is shame in your face. and the concept of responsibility. One day it is over. Everyone is tweeting gradually. We are all getting older. this is the truth. This is something worth thinking about.”

“We all get older. No matter how much Botox we put on. Either TV changes its paradigm or we all go out, it won’t be long. No one says anything about it, but we all think, ‘We suffer in our hearts’ about this. Or am I Crazy?!”, as stated in another post.

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