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Louis Hamilton was selected as the Spanish GB driver

Louis Hamilton was selected as the Spanish GB driver

Although he initially had only one offset tactic, in the middle rubber, Louise Hamilton was unable to take advantage of it, following his contact with Kevin Magnusson who was the victim of a racing incident, the latter trying to get him out. Twist4.

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Leaving 19th place and switching directly to punctured and soft tires after most of the first lap, thirty seconds behind his predecessor, the seven-time world champion thought of leaving some time to defend his new engine. Eventually triggered that no. His diligent racing, taking advantage of his speed, controlled tire wear and problems in front of him, allowed him to climb back to the top 5, especially at the expense of overtaking Ferrari, no matter how fast he was normally. Carlos Science in the final rounds.

However, at the end of the race, the order given by Mercedes to reduce the speed of the two W13s finally gave him fifth place, to the advantage of the Spaniards.

Results of the driver’s vote that day:

Lewis Hamilton – 22.8%
Sergio Perez – 16.3%
George Russell – 15.7%
Maximum Verstappen – 11.4%
Fernando Alonso – 6.9%

“Drivers of the Day” for the 2022 season

“Driver of the Day” titles per driver (since 2016)

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