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Louis-Moto: Cool Heat Gloves

Louis-Moto: Cool Heat Gloves

On the hottest day of the year, riding a motorbike as cool as possible is not only an advantage, but also a necessity. Louis-Moto has on its website gloves suitable for the summer, with the ideal configuration and design for those who want to successfully escape from the heat.

The German company has been in the technical motorcycle clothing market for 82 years. It all started when two motorcyclists, Detlev Lewis and Walter Lohmann, opened a small motorcycle shop in Hamburg in 1938. Timing was key to the company’s success, which benefited people looking for affordable transportation after the Great Depression. today is Louis Mutu It has one of the most visited motorcycle websites in Europe, with over 30 million views.

Fastway off road gloves

The Offroad Gloves are lightweight, with knuckle protection and a silicone palm print for the perfect handlebar grip every time. Silicone is combined with goatskin on the palm, with the top of the glove made of fabric.

Price: 39.99 euros

Colors: black, red, gray, olive, beige

Fastway City, the right gloves for them

Optimum ventilation and optimum safety are not mutually exclusive: in the Fastway City model, the joints are protected by TPU, while the mesh panels on the back of the hand and the palm part ensure great ventilation. The thumb and index finger are provided with conductive materials to hold the smartphone securely.

Price: 39.99 euros

Colors: red, black, blue, fuchsia, mint, orange

Vanucci VX-1

Designed as a lightweight off-road glove, the Vanucci VX-1 is also good for use on the road or even in the city. The leather palm is non-slip, has faux leather for knuckle protection, mesh panels for gentle yet effective ventilation and elastic inserts for comfort. It is clearly one of the very successful products.

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Price: 79.99 euros

Colors: black, red, blue, orange

Vanucci VCT-1

Vanucci VCT-1 are short gloves, mainly used in urban areas. Spandex, Lycra, and neoprene provide an added sense of comfort, while ultra-strong microfiber protects you in sensitive areas in the event of a fall. It is available for men and women.

Price: 59.99 euros

Colors: red, black, fuchsia, mint, orange

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