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Lourenço Ortigão reveals Pedro Lima's mysterious calling, three days before the actor committed suicide - Nacional

Lourenço Ortigão reveals Pedro Lima’s mysterious calling, three days before the actor committed suicide – Nacional

In the last years, Lourenço Ortegao, 32, says he has suffered two major losses in his lifeFriends and Actors: Philip Duarte and Pedro Lima.

Although for very different reasons, SIC’s new star says he felt helpless Either way, today he still wonders if he could do something to change the course of fate.

in a An interview with Daniel Oliveira on High Definition., Friend Kelly Bailey It was revealed that he received a phone call from Pedro Lima, three days before the actor ended his life. He explains, “Pedro called me just three days ago to talk. He never seemed to say goodbye to me.” However, this is something you think about over and over again. “I didn’t notice anything but I did everything to be able to change anything.”

The loss of Philip Dort

When asked how he learned of Felipe Duarte’s unexpected death, Lourenco replied that it was through a call he received from his father that he remembers the space the actor occupied in his life. “Pipo has been a part of my life in a more intimate way than people think. We spent a lot of time together, it was just the two of us, and he and my brother, my main confidant and in this field were my main advisers.”

Enthusiastic, Actor from “The Club” He talks about his admiration for his friend. “I loved him. I wanted to be like him. I appreciated the way he conducted his career, how he was a good professional, a good colleague, a good human being, a good friend, and a good husband. Everything sucked from him. It will always be there. When I start a new project, I always think about it,” he adds, noting that since this launch, life has taken on another meaning.

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Philip Duarte passed away on April 17, 2020, aged 46, after a myocardial infarction.

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