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Lourenço Ortigão reveals the expected delivery date

theOurenço Ortigão and Kelly Bailey are preparing to become parents for the first time, something they confirmed recently.

This week the actor was in conversation with Carolina Patrocínio, on the program ‘what’s upAnd ended up revealing new details. According to the future dad, the baby should be born in “early July”.

And during the conversation with the presenter, Lourenco Ortegao did not fail to admit that they were “disturbed” by the fact that the news was published before they themselves had told their families. Only parents know at Christmas.

“My grandmother, who was in a nursing home, learned about it from the nurse,” the actor said, noting that it was “unpleasant.”

However, he says he was also happy and that “there was always that person who sent a message and didn’t expect it.” “It was amazing”.

“We would have preferred to be the ones to tell. However, it was known and we were not going to deny it, because it would be hypocritical to deny something that would be true and because it is the best thing in the world. We wanted to keep our way, and when we felt ready, talk about the subject without giving in to pressure.” Our attitude will always be to carry on our way. They will never be sure if we don’t have to confirm this is our security.”

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