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Lower Saxony Tightens Corona Rules - Warning Level 1 Comes | - News

Lower Saxony Tightens Corona Rules – Warning Level 1 Comes | – News

Status: 11/23/2021 8:23 pm

Lower Saxony further expands its protective measures against corona infections. In many areas of public life, strict 2G rules will come into effect from tomorrow.

“Today – with 181 events across the country – we are taking security measures that other federal states have ordered only at significantly higher values, and we ask Lower Saxony for their understanding,” Prime Minister Stephen Weil (SPD) said at the presentation. New corona control. Current values ​​for hospital admission and two other indicators, new infections and intensive care bed stay are crucial for corona measures Apply immediately after Wednesday tightness.


An overview of the state government shows which corona measures are being implemented and who are being affected. Download (262 KB)

The alarm level concept is tightened

The main reason for this is the tightening of the state of alert. Alert Level 1 comes into effect with events from a 3 (previously 6) value to a 7-day hospital admission. Alert Level 2 now applies to hospitalization cases greater than 6, and Alert Level 3 then applies to a value greater than 9. In addition, the first tightening occurs before warning level 1. The most important changes at a glance:

Before warning level 1

  • If 7 day events are greater than 35, 3G for indoor events with more than 25 people. This applies to all cultural, sports and leisure facilities, Christmas markets (out there), discos, restaurants, lodging and intimate services. For indoor events with more than 1,000 people, 2G is already applicable.

Warning level 1

  • 2G is in-house for all occasions such as cultural, sports and leisure facilities, discos, restaurants, accommodation and fitness services.
  • In Christmas markets, 2G applies both inside and out – now wearing a mask is mandatory. Eat and drink to lift the mask briefly.
  • Otherwise, 3G will continue to be used outdoors.
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Warning level 2

  • Tightness on 2Gplus. That is, those who have been vaccinated and those who have been vaccinated should still have a negative current corona test. 2Gplus applies to all indoor events and all Christmas markets. For interiors of cultural, sports and leisure facilities, discos, gastronomy, shelter and all services close to the body. Outside, in Alert Level 2, the restriction for 2G applies.
  • FFP2 masks should be worn indoors
  • Only 15 people without 2G Plus will be allowed to come together indoors or out of 2G

Warning level3

  • Inside, only ten people are allowed to come together without 2 gplus
  • More stringent rules apply to events. “Warning level 3 will be set soon,” the state president said.

The following applies to all alert levels: Offers with 2G – no distance, no mask – will be withdrawn.


8 min

Strict 2G rules will come into effect from Wednesday in many areas of public life. The alarm level concept has also been modified. 8 min

According to the state corona rule, the alert level always applies when the leading indicator “hospital” and at least one additional indicator reaches certain limit values. The “hospital” indicator is determined by how many people per 100,000 citizens across the country were hospitalized within seven days for Covit-19 disease (a 7-day hospital admission event). Other indicators, at least one of which should reach a standard value: indicator “newly infected” and indicator “intensive care beds”. “Newly affected” is based on the number of new victims per 100,000 population within seven days (event) for each district and each urban district. “Intensive care beds” measure the nationwide percentage of occupied intensive care beds with COVID-19 patients relative to total intensive care bed capacity.

Strict regulations in schools

Schools and day care centers also have stricter rules due to the worsening epidemic situation, Education Minister Grant Hendrik Tone (SPD) explained at a news conference.

  • The mask requirement in class extends to all grades including 1st and 2nd year.
  • Overnight school trips are prohibited until the end of the school year.
  • If there is a positive self-examination in the learning group, all students in this learning group should have a self-examination every day for the following five days.
  • The Federal Infectious Disease Protection Act applies to all school and daytime workers in the 3G workplace – those who have not been vaccinated or who have not been vaccinated must test themselves at school two days a week and submit a third of the test certificates from the testing center. Days.
  • Christmas celebrations and other events can only take place within the school – without parents and relatives.
  • Parents’ counseling days and parent’s evenings, if possible, should be held digitally, otherwise the 2Gplus rule applies – meaning only those who have been vaccinated and healed can participate and provide a negative test certificate.

The situation in hospitals is turning upside down

A major reason for the tightening of controls is the number of hospital admissions of corona sufferers. According to Monday morning data, the incidence of hospital admissions in Lower Saxony rose to 5.6 – up from 5.3 on Sunday. This value reveals how many patients per 100,000 population have been hospitalized with the infection in the last seven days. Of the intensive care units in Lower Saxony, 7.7 percent of beds on Monday morning were occupied by Govt 19 patients. This is also higher than the previous day (7.4 percent).

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Additional information

NRW Prime Minister Hendrik West (CDU), Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU), Executive Finance Minister Olaf Scholes (SPD) (left to right) © Image Coalition / Associated Press Photo: Michael Shipler

The aggression rate of clinics will determine whether the 2G or 2Gplus rules apply in the future. Overview of Federal and State Government Resolutions and the New Infection Protection Act. (22.11.2021) More

Sars-CoV-2 © dpa Pixar A woman shows a stick for a nasal swab for a quick test of alliance Photo: Julian Stradensult

Current values ​​of hospital admission status, incidence and intensive care bed stay can be found here. Further

Graduation map according to risk-weighted criteria for Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania from November 23, 2021.  © NDR

With 1,425 new infections, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania also recorded a new rise. More Corona News on Live Ticker. Further

Virologist Professor Christian Troston and virologist Professor Sandra Cesek (Montage) © Image Alliance / dpa, University Hospital Frankfurt Photo: Christoph Cato,

Read and listen to all the episodes aired so far, scientific vocabulary and more here. Further

Additional information

Is the number of infections declining further? You can call the current corona numbers for your region through the website. Enter your zip code. Further

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