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"Loyalty and truth above all..."

“Loyalty and truth above all…”

In recent days, Leandro appeared in the news in the national press and social networks, after last Sunday, May 22, he abandoned a solidarity concert in Alvina.

It was announced on social media videorecorded by famous people, in which it is possible to see the singer and his team leaving the respective space, receiving some insults, and even the singer had to respond, in communication.

On this Tuesday, May 24, Leandro returned to social media, and more specifically to the stories of his Instagram account, to leave a message to everyone who sent him messages of affection and support.

“Guys, just to say I’m fine, don’t worry about me. Thank you for all the messages, there are a lot of messages of support, I am very happy. I have always believed that loyalty and truth are linked, and I am their child, so I will always maintain my position of loyalty and truth above all else.”He started by saying.

Indifferent to “differences”, the singer assured that he was preparing the news for his fans: “But just to say there’s a new song coming up and you’re going to love it. It’s a romantic song (…) and I hope you like it. There’s other news, but I’ll tell you later.”

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