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LR Loose Damien Abbott: The story that was postponed for several weeks

LR Loose Damien Abbott: The story that was postponed for several weeks

Between Damien Abbott and Les Republicans, the gap is over. LR Christian Jacob, who is suspected of holding a rally on Thursday, May 19, with Ein Vice President Emmanuel Macron, as chairman of the LR Committee in the National Assembly, was asked to “give up his activities.” This act of power follows Damien Abbott’s postponement of his future so that he will not face rival LREM. Unlawful.

After calling on his colleagues for a 48-hour period on Tuesday, May 17 to “clarify” his situation, the deputy asked for “extra time to wait for the formation of the government” this Thursday, Christian Jacob noted in a press release. “I told him we could not wait to pick him up or take him out of government for Mr. Macron’s goodwill,” the LR chairman wrote. “I have always accepted my responsibilities and, again, I will take them: clear and transparent. I will speak in the columns this evening. FigaroDamien Abbott responded in the early hours of the morning, in a message posted on Twitter.

“Damien was vague”

“This is unacceptable. We are determined internally. Damien was more than vague. We were not disappointed by this new request for delay. We should not be considered fools.” The LR administration promises to field a candidate against him during the Assembly elections. Underlined is Julian Martinez, the opposition municipal councilor in Oyonax. Parisian. Nothing official yet, but there are ants on the feet of the elect. He will submit his candidature to the Provincial Council on Friday at 11am. “Abad has been treating us for weeks,” said Julian Martinez. “We are not the door to ministerial aspirations. It is a question of credibility and loyalty.”

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Christian Jacob’s decision is welcomed locally. LR delegates, the majority in the “freedom” line, had a hard time pushing their group leader. They are a Chinese torture to a party that is threatened with extinction after losing the presidential election. “Staying away from being a minister or leaving only if you are a minister … reluctance is already a compromise. Say goodbye,” Nadine Morano is delighted. Twitter. “It’s a testament to our family’s unity,” promises Raphael Schellenberger’s co-founder. “If it was me, we would have already fired him,” an LR representative jokes.

Soap opera is nothing new. Damien Abbott, a center-right person, ideologically not far from the administration, started several weeks ago. At the end of April, he was one of only two executives to leave the LR’s strategic committee during a vote on the LR’s “independence” resolution against Emmanuel Macron. A few days later, the press reported a meeting with Elise General Secretary Alexis Kohler and former LR Thierry Soler, an adviser to the president. The coup falls on May 13. LREM leader Stanislas Gurini has confirmed that his party will not field any candidate against Damien Abbott in the Assembly elections. Officially due to his call for Macron to vote against Le Pen.

A tense meeting with LR representatives

This Republican tribute did not disappoint anyone. On the right, a display takes shape. The executive wants to hunt down the boss of the first opposition group in the legislature. The majority did not chase after the man Damien Abbott, but his symbolic activity. Hence the absence of the LREM enemy facing him. There are official rallies; It will be underground. As of May 13, LR Aurélien Pradié No. 3, like other elected officials, has called for Damien Abbott to resign. Christian Jacob calms things down and calls on him to “clarify” his situation. Without further details. The person involved is prudent. He is pleased to announce that he has not been invested by the President’s majority and that he has little influence over the decision of the LREM.

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Not enough. On Tuesday, the temperature goes up one step. The group meeting of LR delegates is organized by video. Elected officials will discuss legislative elections and the appointment of Elizabeth Bourne to the Met. They will not say a word. The Abbott case is the only subject of the 1h30 debate. All MEPs ask their colleagues for “clarity”. Their request is simple. Damien Abbott will have to say whether he will sit with the LR committee or the LREM committee in the National Assembly and whether he will enter government if this proposal is presented to him.

“Nothing in LR today”

Member of Parliament for Pas-de-Calais Pierre-Henri Dumont advises to write a simple tweet to get out of the ambiguity. Raphaël Schellenberger proposes to vote for his presidency, but opposes Damien Abbott’s rejection. The laws of the LR committee do not allow the removal of the elected president. “You can imagine what we saw,” says one MP.

Christian Jacob asks Damien Abbott to clarify his intent within an hour, and the other delegates give him a day off. The respondent receives a 48-hour deadline … which corresponds almost to the expected date of the new government and the deadline for the submission of scheduled legislative nominations on Friday, May 20th. “He’s playing for time, he’s holding us hostage, he’s making fun of a deputy. If he clarifies his situation before the rally, he will no longer be worthy of anything for Macron.” The feeling of being guided by the boat is L.R. Shame adds to anger.

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Tensions are a bit high this Thursday. “If there is a doubt, there is no doubt about it,” said Christian Jacob, a paradoxical figure in France Info, which mourns Damien Abbott’s membership in the LR. “It’s true that he’s heard for 48 hours because it’s something like this, we know, whether we should go or not (…) he should make things clear today.” The demand for “extra time” was very high. According to LR’s management, Damien Abbott wanted to announce his decision when he filed his candidacy for the legislative election on Friday.

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The political future of Damien Abbott will be sealed in a few more hours. His image in LR is permanently tarnished in any way. Many MPs consider him “charred” after his reluctance. “It’s frying with us,” a young elected official said. “Nothing in the LR today”, another confirms. This is the only confirmation of this long Improcleo.



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