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Luana Piovanni denied by her 10-year-old son: “We don’t accept lies”

it’s a An argument with no end in sight. after the past few days, Luana Piovani After she resorted to social networks to denounce the occurrence of a lawsuit against her by her ex-husband, Peter Scobie Now it was one of the children of both of them appearing on social networks.

Dom, only 10 years oldhe posted an Instagram story where he denied his mother and where he guarantees that the couple’s other six children, Liz and Pim, aged six, are also on their father’s side.

“I came to talk about something important. Mom, there is no point in pulling out my father’s sponsors because some people may be on your side, but your children are not. Because we don’t accept lies.”I started writing the baby.

“Please help my father, who would also sponsor me. So help my father, I know God will help me. Thank you,” Dom completed, though the boy’s Instagram account has since been deactivated.

Although he had already responded with a statement, Pedro Scobie is back to express himself and yesterday, 27, he shared a new video in which he talks about the controversy. “It’s really crazy that I’m here all the time denying things, which is exactly why I wanted to take things to court. It’s been three years since I left Big Brother.”He began saying.

The surfer then denied his ex-partner and guarantees he had not sent any nude photos to Wana, as she said: “I would never do that, because I have nothing against it. Everyone posts what they want.”

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