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Lucy Liu recalls Bill Murray's 'unpardonable and unacceptable' anger in shooting 'Charlie's Angels'

Lucy Liu recalls Bill Murray’s ‘unpardonable and unacceptable’ anger in shooting ‘Charlie’s Angels’

The feud between Bill Murray and Lucy Liu during the filming of “Charlie’s Angels” has put it on Hollywood’s “Big Reprimand” list.

As an anecdote and with slight differences in details, the story that has been circulating since 1999 is that while preparing for the scene, Bill Murray had transformed into Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, and in that order, he would have said, “I understand why you’re here.” [Drew Barrymore era a produtora] And you have talent [Cameron Diaz]… what the hell [Lucy Liu] Are you here to do you do not know how to act!

Given this, Lucy Liu would have tried to attack the actor. After that, only the obvious is known: Three years later, Bill Murray was excluded from the sequel.

The actor told his last version to a British newspaper in 2009: “Look, if you work with me and you’re not a professional, I’ll put you aside right away. When our relationship is professional and you don’t, bye bye.”

22 years later, Lucy Liu first told her side of the story during a broadcast Podcast “Asian Enough”From the Los Angeles Times.

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The confrontation would have taken place during the rehearsal of a recently altered scene without Bill Murray’s knowledge.

“We spent the weekend replaying this particular scene, and Bill Murray couldn’t come because there was a family event. So everyone had us looser the scene,” recalls Lucy Liu. Too much interference. In the process because he was the last one to be selected for the project and who may have had the least creative involvement.

“Without going into detail” about what I told her during the rehearsal, the actress confirmed that she insulted her after learning about the changes and that she had trouble understanding what was going on because she didn’t even interfere with anything important. at that time. the time.

In his view, part of the language Bill Murray used was “unforgivable and unacceptable” and he decided to respond to it despite being one of the lesser known actors on the project.

“I stood up for myself and I don’t regret it. Because no matter how low you went down the stairs or where you came from, there’s no need to take care of others or bring them down.”

Despite complaining about the “sexual” tone of some news stories of outrage at the time, Lucy Liu says the positive part is that years and even decades later, she has found film technicians on other projects to thank for her reaction to the abuse. .

And for Lucy Liu, it’s water under the bridge: “I have absolutely nothing against Bill Murray. [programa] SNL [Saturday Night Live] And he came to me and was totally nice. But I will not let myself sit and be attacked.”

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