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Luis Diaz does not travel to Colombia after his father is kidnapped.  Here are the reasons

Luis Diaz does not travel to Colombia after his father is kidnapped. Here are the reasons

touis Díaz has faced moments of great anxiety since he learned last Saturday Your parents are kidnappedin Barrancas, Colombia, and his mother were released after a few hours of controversy that had everyone talking around the world.

Despite all the interest he has shown from a distance, with his family and the forces of power, the Colombian international will not travel to his country for security reasons, and is pinning all his hopes on the operation carried out by the competent authorities, according to the newspaper. week.

The former Porto player was convinced that he would travel to Colombia on Sunday, after not being included in Klopp’s options for the Liverpool-Nottingham Forest (3-0) match, but it was precisely his family members who convinced the athlete to stay at Liverpool, including his mother Selenis Marulanda, who is waiting. Eagerly awaiting news from Luis Manuel Diaz.

Remember that on Sunday, Diogo Jota made sure to dedicate the opening goal for the Reds to his teammate, and Liverpool, the Confederation of South America and the Colombian Federation also showed their solidarity with the striker who played for the Dragons between 2019 and 2022.

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