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Luis Diaz scores at the end of the curtain and moves Benfica away from "socks"

Luis Diaz scores at the end of the curtain and moves Benfica away from “socks”

a Benfica lost, on Tuesday, in its reception against Liverpool (1-3), and held the dream of reaching the semi-finals of the Champions League. The Eagles were defeated in their first two matches with England and now they face the difficult task of turning the game around at Anfield, next Wednesday.

When the score seemed to be a constant in England’s cross advantage, Luis Diaz (87) seemed to widen the gap in the mark and leave Benfica’s dream of reaching the Champions League semi-final even further. .

game movie

The Odysseas was in the spotlight in the first 15 minutes with three important tackles. The Greek goalkeeper took advantage of Salah in the first minutes and prevented a potentially dangerous move and later returned to control by rejecting Naby Keita’s goal.

However, Liverpool will get the goal after a corner kick. via Robertson and Konate jumped (17 min) higher than anyone and everyone elsepoured an authentic bucket of cold water on the already freezing night in Luz.

Benfica tried to respond to the goal scored, and Everton had their first great scoring opportunity for the home team. Darwin fired him, and the Brazil international ran in at full speed through the left lane, but didn’t have the volley within his compatriot Alisson’s goal.

Soon after, Odysseus was back in action to prevent Luis Diaz from scoring. The former Porto club appeared isolated after a pass from Keita, but the Greek goalkeeper built a fence and prevented the second goal of the match.

The match continued in the same vein until the end of the first half, when Benfica was looking for a clear equalizer with Liverpool, with an emphasis on counter-attacks. The second goal came after a loss, in the opposite penalty area, by Otamendi and Sadio Mane (34 minutes) scored the second English goal at Luz StadiumAfter assisting Luis Diaz.

The new England goal calmed the reaction of the Eagles who did not stop, however, from chasing the goal. The wall of Van Dijk and his companions seemed unbreakable, but on the other side the warning signs were constant. Before the end of the first half, Odyssias again prevented Salah from scoring the goal, and in response Rafa Silva had everything to watch Darwin for the goal, but he preferred to shoot and shoot … on the bench.

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The result of the first half reflected the difference in the attacking flow of the two teams and it seemed that Liverpool had settled the date of the night in Luz in the first 45 minutes.

The second half started very tensely and Benfica filled the difference early. Through Rafa’s low cross, Konnat missed the score and Darwin (49 minutes) did not forgive Alison’s face.

The goal left Luz on fire and Benfica went in search of a draw, taking advantage of the heat wave that erupted from the stands.

In the 59th minute of the match, it was a golden opportunity for Everton. And the Brazilian player appeared in a front position, after a beautiful group display for the Eagles, but he shot in a poor position and allowed Alisson to defend the corner shot.

From the bench, Jurgen Klopp didn’t like what he saw in the second half and didn’t waste any time changing the squad… three times. Henderson, Firmino and Diogo Jota jumped onto the pitch and took over the positions of Thiago, Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane.

In the 66th minute, it was the most controversial move in the game. Darwin fell into the penalty area, after being touched by Van Dijk, but the referee understood that there was no reason to call a penalty kick, in a decision that the VAR also agreed to for … offside.

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Liverpool managed to contain Benfica’s offensive incursions and resumed control of the match from the 70th minute. On the other hand, the Eagles were losing their strength, but Rafa Silva was very close to equalizing, when in the 82nd minute he almost stole the ball from Alisson from close range.

Until the end, Liverpool was limited to managing the match with the ball and taking advantage of the spaces granted by Benfica. Luis Diaz (87 min) had a full rope and the end result is already close to the final whistleand left the tie underway well for the English.

game time: Diaz’s goal, when the curtain fell, fell like a bucket of cold water on Benfica’s ambitions. An unfavorable score of 1-2 is not the same as a score of 1-3. The mission of the Eagles is almost impossible.

starting teams

Eleven Benfica: Vlachodimos, Gilberto, Vertonghen, Otamendi, Grimaldo, Rafa Silva, Taarabt, Weigl, Everto, Gonçalo Ramos, Darwin.

Benfica alternatives: Helton Leite, Valentino, Morato, André Almeida, Meïte, João Mário, Paulo Bernardo, Diogo Gonçalves, Gil Dias, Nemanja, Seferovic and Yaremchuk.

Liverpool 11: Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Konate, Van Dyck, Robertson, Fabinho, Naby Keita, Thiago Alcantara, Sadio Mane, Luis Diaz, and Mohamed Salah.

Liverpool alternativesKeeler, Joe Gomez, Matip, Tsimikas, Henderson, James Milner, Minamino, Oxlade Chamberlain, Curtis Jones, Diogo Jota, Elliott and Roberto Firmino.

before the match

18:20: Estádio da Luz begins to prepare for the next match.

18:00: Liverpool arrived in Lisbon late on Monday afternoon. Check out the photos of this access.

5:41 pm: Abel Xavier, who represented both clubs, believes that nepotism on the English side, But he retains hope for a final qualification for the Eagles.

17:00: It’s time to remember Benfica teamwhich was released earlier this afternoon, and also look at the person who is Eleven are probably eagles.

4:50 pm: UEFA remembers, via social networks, all the goals that were “charting” Benfica’s campaign in this edition of the Champions League.

4:30 pm: There are three and a half hours left until the match kicks off in Luz and this is something worth remembering What the coaches said in their press conferences portends European conflict.


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This Tuesday night promises to be one of the great vibes of Estádio da Luz. Benfica receives the mighty Englishman Liverpool, in the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Champions League. Favoritism, of course, is on the side of the English team, but the recent confrontation between the two teams in the Champions League is the strongest evidence that there are always places for surprises.

However, if we compare the entire history of duels, then Liverpool has the advantage with six victories in a total of ten official matches played. Benfica won the rest, so there has been no tie, so far, between the two teams.

Thus, all the ingredients are collected for a wonderful European night in Luz, which will be sold out entirely. The match is scheduled to start at 20:00 and the referee will be responsible for the Spaniard Jesus Gil Manzano.

Follow and live in detail all the events of this match in Sports per minute.

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