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Luis Felipe Vieira: "The influence of Rui Costa at Seixal has not been there over the years" - Benfica

Luis Felipe Vieira: “The influence of Rui Costa at Seixal has not been there over the years” – Benfica

Asked about winning the youth league, the former president gave benefits to players, coaches and guarantees: “If Benfica had to sell someone, it would not be from the squad, it would be others.”

Luis Felipe Vieira, in a statement to CMTV, highlighted the achievement of the UEFA Youth League by Benfica, noting that the project began with the establishment of the Seixal Training Center, and also talked about Rui Costa and his importance in training. “At the moment, Benfica is in a privileged position to keep the whole team. All assets are paid and Benfica has to be linked to their team. It doesn’t mean ‘with the team we won’t win anything’. Either you bet or you don’t. If Benfica has to sell someone. ‘He will not be from the squad, it will be others. Part of them deserves to make it to Benfica’s first team There is no time for financial collapse Is Rui Costa worthy of this feat? Merit belongs to coaches and players only As far as I know Rui’s influence in Seksal has practically not been there on Over the years,” he began by saying that the ex-president had reincarnated.


“I watched the game but let me say that this project started in 2006 when the training center was opened and a new era started in Benfica. It takes about 10 years for the required player, we started a long time ago but today we are the reality of training in Europe. It is important to keep him and the future of Benfica passes Through training. It was training Benfica to achieve impressive financial results that freed Benfica to its position today in terms of assets,” he added.

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“I pay tribute to two men, Benfica fans sometimes have short memories. Marie Dias and Jaime Graça, two men who deserve to be associated with this title. I dedicate them to them,” Vieira concluded.

Vieira talks about “half a dozen” training ready for the hike and justifies sales in his time

“If they are given the opportunities they need, as Bruno Lage gave them, Benfica will have half a dozen ready to join the main team,” Vieira confirmed. , but the formations must be preserved. They are associated with the club and have shown their ethnicity. In the past I had to sell them for liquidation, now there is no need for that. ”

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