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Luis Felipe Vieira used his children’s accounts to ‘protect assets’, he defends prosecutors – O Jornal Económico

The Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) argues that Luis Felipe Vieira has used accounts in the name of his children, Thiago Vieira and Sarah Vieira, “to make various movements to preserve the heritage,” according to the Information It was submitted by the newspaper “Koreo da Manha”, Saturday, by order of the deputy.

The CM notes that the asset protection was carried out “through the opening of accounts” in the name of Tiago Vieira and Sara Vieira, to which the funds were transferred and “controlled” by Luis Felipe Vieira.

The MP defends that Luis Felipe Vieira has appointed Thiago Vieira and Sara Vieira “as responsible for companies in their field, owners of real estate assets and which have generated income from the sale of projects”.

The Prime Minister explains that, according to the conviction of the deputy, and for this purpose, Luis Felipe Vieira also relied on the cooperation of other close people, such as Antonio Fulgado, who entrusted him with the preservation of sensitive documents and the transfer of financial funds. “.

Luis Felipe Vieira was one of the four arrested on Wednesday, in an investigation related to deals and financing of more than 100 million euros, with losses for the state and some companies.

According to the Central Administration for Criminal Investigation and Procedure (DCIAP), the issue at hand is facts that could constitute “crimes of breach of trust, qualified fraud, forgery, tax fraud and money laundering.”

For this investigation, approximately 45 search warrants were executed for companies, residences, law firms and banking institutions in Lisbon, Torres Vedras and Braga. Among the places where the searches took place is Benfica’s special security officer, who said in a statement that she was not constituted as suspects.

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