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Luis Figo gathers the family on holiday in Corsica - Verveer

Luis Figo gathers the family on holiday in Corsica – Verveer

Traditions must be fulfilled and Luis Figo does not do without the usual family holidays with his wife Helen Svedin and their three joint daughters Daniela, Stella and Martina. The destination chosen by the family of the former Portuguese international player was Corsica, a French island located in the Mediterranean Sea.

The family chose to stay away from the great confusion and stayed in a residence by the sea, which includes a spacious private area that offers the utmost safety and comfort. On his personal Instagram account, Luis Figo couldn’t resist sharing some pictures of the shelter. “Finally a vacation. What a beautiful view,” the former player wrote in a comment to the joint photos.

The Swedish model also recorded moments of relaxation with her husband, as she showed that she has been in a romantic relationship for more than 25 years. The couple is a reference when it comes to complicity, stability and romance in the relationship they are keen to maintain.

“It’s a very good journey. And after so much time together, there are few secrets. But I think for us to stay together and be happy, the secret is in everyday life, coexistence, mutual respect and everything we achieve together, like our family”, Recently revealed about the ex-football player’s wife.

During the holidays, the daughters of the couple also took the opportunity to miss their parents and enjoy the peace of the island.

Remember that Luis Figo and his family have lived in Spain for more than two decades and in the neighboring country they maintain several joint ventures. The couple is preparing to move into a new apartment in the heart of Madrid that is being remodeled on the family photo. The business is closely monitored by Helen.

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Most of Portugal visits Luis Vigo to visit his father.