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Luis Rubiales responds to the arrest warrant: “I did not do anything illegal”

Luis Rubiales responds to the arrest warrant: “I did not do anything illegal”

Hey The world of football is witnessing another controversial case related to alleged corruption in Spain, after it led to corruption Arrest of a number of leaders And even to one Arrest warrant for Luis Rubiales, former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), a space that was the target of Wednesday's searches. The former leader has already responded to the situation, stressing that he did not do “anything illegal.”

Luis Rubiales said in statements to the portal: “Search operations? I have never done anything illegal. I will come back when I have to.” OkDiarioThis is while he is spending vacation with his family in the Dominican Republic.

“I've been here for over a month and actually came several months ago to try to get going. I was very surprised by everything that happened [esta quarta-feira]But I will be available to cooperate in the investigation,” added the former president of the Spanish Football Federation, who will return to Spain only at the beginning of April, after Easter.

It should be noted that the investigation surrounding Luis Rubiales relates to alleged irregularities in the body that oversees Spanish football, with a detailed investigation into several existing contracts.

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