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Luis's widow Alleluia still suffers from agonizing grief – fever

Luis's widow Alleluia still suffers from agonizing grief – fever

Zita Favreto continues to mourn the death of her husband, Luis Alleluia, who died on June 23 last year. The suffering appears in the words of the widow who remembers the perpetrator in the tenth month since his death.

“10 months without you… I was gone, but you were not alone, a piece of me, I left with you…”He began by writing to the producer, who thanked the Benavente City Council for honoring Luis Alleluia, by engraving his name on the sidewalk of a city street inside a star.

The widow continued to express her pain. “I cry, for everything we did not have the opportunity to achieve. We miss the warmth of your embrace, your tender looks… The worst moments I live in your absence are when I encounter something and in an unusual way I want to share it with you while I am immersed in the sad reality…”Zita Favretto added.

The producer also wrote about how she copes with her husband's absence. “Without you, my world has become more narrow. My smile has become sad and my eyes have lost their sparkle. Deep longing is the path of love that I found to feel close to you. The greatest loss in life is the one that dies inside us. As long as we are alive, only the belief in meeting you again encourages me to stay standing.” .Louis's widow Alleluia also wrote.

“There are things that neither time nor physical absence can undo, and among them is my love for you. The boys and I still miss you very much, even though we feel that you are and will always be watching over us. See you soon, forever, my love, our light…”Zita Favretto also concluded by speaking about her children's pain.

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