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Lukaku: "In the 10th minute, let's get the ball out and applaud Ericsen"

Lukaku: “In the 10th minute, let’s get the ball out and applaud Ericsen”

Romelu Lukaku, Eriksen’s teammate at Inter Milan, was among the first to praise the Danish international, just hours after the great panic that halted the European Championship, in the confrontation between Denmark and Finland, when he dedicated his first goal to him. Russia to a teammate, but has now announced that there is a new dedication to Eriksen going forward.

And the strong Belgian striker announced, in a press conference, that Belgium had prepared, on Thursday, in the tenth minute of the match against Denmark, a message of strength for the Danish player who continues to conduct tests.

“When Eriksen was applauded in the 10th minute, we were going to throw the ball away and applaud as well. It’s normal”, the attacker who also defended emphasized that players should take first aid courses to be able to help their teammates face some setbacks.

“When you see what Simon Kjeer has done for him… it’s very important. It wouldn’t hurt if we, as players, had a pathway to know what to do in these situations”, he emphasized.

Lukaku also announced that he plans to visit Eriksen in the hospital as he is recovering from the massive panic, at a time when it remains unclear whether Eriksen will continue his career. “I spoke with the coach and I want to visit him in the hospital. I contacted him and he said that he can always count on me. Now he has to spend time with his family”, confirmed the Inter Milan striker.