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Lukau warns that "reactions to the vaccine are much less than the symptoms of the disease."

Lukau warns that “reactions to the vaccine are much less than the symptoms of the disease.”

Lukau talks about vaccinations during Tuesday afternoon’s chamber session – Credit: Disclosure

Council member Lucão Fernandes (MDB), who also chairs the city council’s health committee, warned during the session on Tuesday, 3rd, of an unfortunate reality that occurred in São Carlos and the rest of the country. Choosing which vaccine to take to protect yourself from Covid-19.

“We see through the press that a part of the population is starting to want to choose what kind of vaccine they want to take. There are people who want to choose vaccine A or B, but it is difficult for health workers to think of these people with their wishes. Vaccines are sent out. By state and federal governments with set payments for each age group, it is not the health workers, not the nurse at the vaccination center who choose which vaccine to apply to a particular person.If we go back a little bit when the epidemic started, we had nothing to fight this terrible disease And we had nothing to defend the population, during this time there was an effort by the world to create a vaccine and we were able, here in Brazil, we’ve come forward with CoronaVac, so I want to warn you that you choose vaccines, stop and think that you may be transmitting this disease to your home, vaccinate yourself with the vaccine available at the vaccination sites,” the counselor argued.

Lukau explained that because of the reactions each vaccine carries, many people don’t take the second dose of the vaccine. Those who took just one dose of the vaccine have a higher risk of infection, compared to people who have completed the vaccination schedule. As more viruses spread, there is a chance that new variants will emerge.

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Lukau remembers what happened inside his home with him, who was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and intubated, and with his wife, Sully Fernandez, who died of Covid-19. “It’s 10 days before you get your first dose. The enemy is strong, it’s still strong and it’s still taking lives, we can’t relax now and we can’t keep choosing vaccines. Some have stronger reactions, some are not, but I guarantee that the reactions to The vaccine, whatever it is, is much less than the symptoms of the disease,” the consultant concluded.


Most vaccines used against Covid-19 use two doses of immunization. CoronaVac, AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines that are part of the National Immunization Program (PNI) need the two doses, at different intervals, until the vaccination schedule is complete. The only exception, so far, is the fortifying agent developed by Johnson & Johnson, which uses only one dose.

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