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Luke Mogridge is said to be in a psychiatric hospital: “mentally on the floor”:

After the rape allegations against him, Luke Mogridge spoke of withdrawing himself and wanting to “quietly gather”. The comedian was quiet for a few months and all of his appearances were canceled.

And so on “Built” informs about itThe 32-year-old comedian has been receiving treatment for a month at a psychiatric hospital in North Rhine-Westphalia. The newspaper quotes the comedian’s friend as saying: “Luke no longer understands the world, he is psychologically completely on the ground. This incredible hatred, especially from the internet, destroys him. He sees it as a kind of witch hunt.

Mogridge commented on the allegations in August

Mogridge’s ex – girlfriend Ines Anioli has leveled serious allegations against the comedian. The two had been a couple for three years, but after the relationship, Mogridge complained to him that he had raped them one night during their relationship.

The charge was investigated by the public prosecutor in two cases, but Mogridge was unable to prove it. Mogridge himself said in mid-August that the allegations were untrue and that he wanted to withdraw first.

More women reported in the “Spiegel” report

However, in late September, “Der Spiegel” published an article that further accused the 32-year-old. This is about additional details about rape allegations from court files.

Also, there were reports of ten women crossing the Mogridges border.