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Lycamobile, Nowo e Onitelecom têm poucos clientes em Portugal

Lycamobile, Nowo and Onitelecom have a few customers in Portugal

Did you know that in Portugal there are 7 Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)? However, only the operators Lycamobile, Nowo and Onitelecom provide services to the public.

According to ANACOM, these operators still have little expression in Portugal, accounting for 2.8% of access and 1.6% of revenue.


no end 2020, The MVNOs were responsible for about 370,000 active mobile accesses, This is equivalent to only 2.8% of all mobile accesses in Portugal. NOWO is the largest Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and one that is experiencing significant growth.

At the EU level, 2.8% of mobile access MVNOs place Portugal 10th in the European ranking, with 4 countries in which the relative weight of MVNO access in total mobile access exceeded 10%, with an emphasis on the Netherlands, where they accounted for almost a quarter All access is via mobile devices.

Lycamobile, Nowo and Onitelecom have a few customers in Portugal

In 2020, MVNO traffic grew significantly, 28.7%, to reach 688 million minutes. Of this total, 49 million are incoming calls to international networks (-6.8% compared to 2019). Mobile broadband Internet traffic reached 2,000 terabytes, an increase of 34.8% compared to 2019.

In the case of data traffic, the weight of Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) is very low (about 0.5% at the end of 2020), with a significant difference between the average monthly traffic per Internet access for VPN operators (1 GB) and the average of ​Traffic Per Access Virtual Network Operator (MNO) (4.8 GB).

MVNO service revenue represents 1.6% of total service revenue, well below the weight of mobile access, 2.8%. It should also be noted that the average monthly revenue for virtual network operators (MVNOs) in 2020 was 11.6 euros, compared to 20.9 euros in the case of MNOs.

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