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Lysbakken and Vedum say no to offer the controversial vaccine - VG

Lysbakken and Vedum say no to offer the controversial vaccine – VG

Thanks: SV President Audun Lysbakken and SP Trygve Slagsvold Vedum Leader Says No to Government Submission of Vaccine to Parliament. Photo: Giselle Odstad

SV leader Audun Lysbakken and SP Trygve leader Slagsvold Vedum say no vaccine from Storting. FHI’s Preben Avitsland says they haven’t recommended vaccinating politicians in Parliament now.


Last week, the government agreed to vaccinate 500 people in Parliament, the government, the palace and the Supreme Court.

I created strong reactions. Many respond that this is done before you finish dealing with everyone in the at-risk groups, health workers and people in the school system.

In a post in VG on Monday, 125 top doctors in the municipality criticized the priority and asked the government to turn around.

Many politicians have approved the vaccine, while a number of parliament politicians are now saying no to the government’s offer.

We think it is strange that this offer is now coming, and that the Norwegian Parliament has not been consulted in advance. I understand that other groups in the most vulnerable professions react to the government’s decision, SV Commander Audun Lysbakken wrote in a text message to VG.

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You will not criticize

Sp Trygve Slagsvold Vedum leader tells VG that he will also say no.

I totally understand those who accept the offer. Personally, I chose to say no to the government bid, Trygve Slagsvold Vedum writes in an SMS to VG.

Lysbakken tells VG that several parliamentarian party representatives have been vaccinated in their municipality according to the usual vaccination program.

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He doesn’t want to criticize the actors who are accepting the show, and says more people might have good reasons for this.

– For my part, I came to the conclusion that I do not think I have a sufficient reason to receive the vaccine now, and there is nothing in my situation to indicate that I cannot wait with others in my group.

Among those who actually said no, Abs Torsten spared Solberg, Rhodes Bjornar Moxnes and SV Deputy Leader Turgir Knagh Felixens.

to Avisa Oslo Former FRP leader Siv Jensen says she also says no.

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FHI: – Not something we recommend

Preben Avitsland, chief physician at FHI, explained to VG that there is no professional advice from them regarding the government’s decision for MPs to take the lead on the vaccine waiting list.

We recommend that everyone be vaccinated, but we did not recommend that the government, parliament and ministries be at the forefront of the line now. This, which is often talked about in the newspapers, is something that the government decided. Nothing we recommend.

Does this mean that you are advised not to prioritize vaccines?

We were not asked directly about this matter. We’ve been asked about certain groups that we think are okay, like the Norwegian soldiers in Afghanistan who we think it’s okay to get vaccinated. Otherwise, there are health professionals, the elderly, the sick and all of us.

What do you think of the fact that the government still supports the immunization of politicians in Parliament? What will you do with the rest of the model?

– I don’t think I should think about it much. The government governs the country and decides this, and this is evident in what they can decide. I understood that if it was about 500 doses or something, the consequences of the vaccination program wouldn’t be great, says Avitsland.

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Many of them say yes

Conservatives Peter Frolich, Frps Sv Bjornstad, SBS Marit Ernstad, Aps Ingvild Kjerkol and Aps Eva-Kristin Hansen are among those who have said yes.

It also has Governors Ellen Agdestin, Svenweng Stinsland, and Kent Goodmondsen.

– I registered that we got the offer and accepted it. This is because it is part of the vaccine plan that has been put in place, Gudmundsen says as he takes a plane to Oslo.

– The point is, I’m sitting on a plane now. As a parliamentarian, you travel and commute regularly. This means that you are more likely to get infections.

Conservative Party leader Erna Solberg Labor leader Jonas Gahr Store has already received the first dose of the vaccine.

Yes please! Governor Kent Gudmundsen was among those who approved a vaccine by Parliament. Photo: Frode Hansen

– Pleased waiting

Parliament representative Freddy Ooffstegaard (SV) told VG that he has also turned down the vaccine offer.

– I will probably have a show at home in Sarpsborg soon. It’s okay to wait. There’s nothing in my situation to indicate I need it right now, says Øvstegård.

The SV representative says he does not want to criticize colleagues in Parliament who have approved the vaccine:

There may be personal or medical reasons why you choose what you choose. Øvstegård says I don’t want to say anything about other people’s options.

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Adresseavisen vs. Representatives of Parliament Lars Haltbreken (SV), Arield Grande (PT) and Andre Skjellstad (V) also said they refused.

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I’m waiting for my turn on the vaccine waiting list, says Haltbrucken.

I think everyone in high-risk groups and vulnerable professions should be vaccinated first, says Grande.

– I will receive the vaccination at Steinkjer when it is my turn, Skjelstad tells the newspaper.

In front of Oslo, Avisa The Oslo representatives, Ciri Stalisen (Labor) and Christian Tiebring-Gedi, said they were saying no to the parliament vaccination.

Dagbladet opposite Terje Aasland (Labor) and Lene Vågslid (Labor) say they say no.