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Cristina Ferreira

“Ma’am, it’s not just for selling magazines.”

Christina Ferrera is proud of her commitment to TVI literature, the TV series “Festa é Festa”, but upon sharing scenes from one of the episodes, she was astonished by her followers who accused her of bullying “fat women”.

Christina Ferrera has taken to her Instagram to share a scene from TVI’s latest series, “Festa é Festa”. The Queluz de Baixo Director of Entertainment and Novel is proud of her proof and the results she has achieved.

I am skeptical, but this series is extraordinary. Sometimes he makes you want to see him again for fear that you will miss something“, Written in a legend publishing the scenes in which the Inês Herédia character says she will set up a gospel choir where she will be the hero.”Fat women are back there so they fill the stage and that’s a good thing because it gives volume and people think a lot of people are there.Nilina says.

The post’s comment box was filled with praise for the novel, but also criticism of the character’s comment on people who are overweight. “Sad comment for chubby girls“,”This scene goes against everything Cristina stands for They even published a book on bullying. Completely contradictory and sadWas cUnreasonable and inappropriate comment“e”Discrimination on TVSome negative messages were on the scene.

Influencer Katarina Ruchinha also disliked what she heard and showed her displeasure in a video she posted on her Instagram page. “Imagine this joke about any other minority … Oh, what a scandal! As for the obese, it does not matter. is over. No! TVI, you are so sad. Kristinas from Life who talk about bullying and breaking stereotypes. Madam, not only sell magazines! Too much politics, for this?He began by saying.

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I think there is a big difference between being part of the causes or living on the causes. Christina Ferrera is a natural example of this. When it comes to money, it’s part of the reason … he doesn’t write a book on digital bullying and mean it with the best marketing ever and then live to mock others. If there was any other minority behind this scene, it was a scandal. He never came out. He continued that the problem is that people do not have a voice who does not have the stereotype that society wants, and what is the purpose of being beautiful.

Katarina remembered that, too Christina Ferrera He even launched an issue of his magazine “Christina” against gordophobia. “When it comes to making money like Cristina did a cover for the obese, it’s okay because there was money for her. Now he will say he’s not ordering TVI much anymore or it was just a joke … I don’t want to live in a world where obesity is mockedAn indignant influencer concluded.

Watch the video that Christina Ferrera shared:

Watch Catarina Rochinha’s reaction here:

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