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Macay City Hall

In Mackay, the D-Day of Aedes aegypti Awareness Day will be promoted next Tuesday (14), in front of the Nova Aurora Musical Association headquarters, downtown. On site, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., a team from the City’s Animal Health Promotion and Zoonoses Control Coordination (CEPSACZ) will distribute informational brochures and carry out fun activities with anyone who passes the boardwalk, such as using binoculars to closely monitor mosquitoes.

The action aims to fight against such a small but deadly enemy. And in this case, the more information the better, as every citizen can and must do his part. Simple situations make a big difference in preventing the spread of mosquitoes, which can transmit dengue, Zika and chikungunya.

The period of the year with the highest transmission rate is the wettest months in each region, but it is important to maintain hygiene and avoid standing water every day, because Aedes aegypti eggs can live up to a year until they find the best conditions for them. According to the Ministry of Health.

Therefore, getting rid of stored water that could become a potential breeding site is one of those situations. Outbreaks can be found in pots, water pockets, tires, plastic bottles, unused and unmaintained pools, and even small containers such as bottle caps.

Here’s a tip – important to remember: Cover water tanks, keep gutters clean, leave bottles and containers upside down, clean weekly, fill potted plant dishes with sand, keep trash cans well covered, drains clean, with screens applied, plus keep cloth Linoleum for building materials and swimming pools is always elongated so that water does not accumulate. In just 15 minutes, it is possible to identify and prevent the spread of mosquitoes and do your part in the fight against dengue fever.

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Symptoms – High fever is the main symptom of dengue fever, followed by severe muscle aches, pain when moving the eyes, malaise, lack of appetite, headache, and red spots all over the body. When in doubt, it is essential to seek a health professional to obtain a correct diagnosis. Zika and chikungunya have similar symptoms such as fever, headache, malaise, body aches and severe joint pain.