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​Według informacji PAP policjanci zatrzymali w Warszawie do kontroli 56-letniego byłego bramkarza reprezentacji Polski w piłkę nożną Macieja Szczęsnego. W chwili zatrzymania miał 0,6 promila w organizmie. "Jest mi potwornie wstyd" - powiedział PAP Maciej Szczęsny.

Macy’s Choczny was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. “I’m so ashamed”

According to the BAP, 56-year-old former goalkeeper of the Police National Football Team, Messi Chasni, was detained by police in Warsaw. At the time of detention, he was 0.6 per mill in the body. “I’m so ashamed,” Messi Chasny told BAP.

The incident happened Tuesday morning. On al. After Jerosolimsky 184 4 traffic officers detained a Volkswagen passenger for testing. The driver expelled 0.6 milliliters of alcohol – The subcommittee said in an interview with BAP. Carol Cebula.

The policeman pointed out that the driver had not been stopped. His driving license was taken from him and the car was handed over to the designated person – The policeman explained.

On Wednesday, the person appeared at headquarters. He agreed and gave detailed explanations The deputy commissioner noted that the driver was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.

According to reports from the BAP, the driver is 56-year-old Messi Chesney, former goalkeeper of the Polish national football team from 1991-1996.

In an interview with BAP, Messrs. Ssozny admitted his arrest. I took my wife to work. The wife was a flight attendant and I was detained for testing. Most unexpectedly, the wife was called to work because she was so called on the phone waiting. We live far away from the airport. We have over 30 kilometers – Szczęsny told the PAP.

The former Polish representative insisted he had “drank two beers” after dinner on Monday evening. I went to sleep, and at 03.05 the phone rang and my wife called at 4.15 in Okasi. When I went inside, I had no feeling that something was “wrong” – Explains.

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I did not expect them to call my wife on the waiting list because it was so rare. This time, unfortunately, it happened. She woke me up, I brushed my teeth and got in the car I firmly believe I am “clean”, but in the meantime I knew I was not – Added.

I am so ashamed – Said the former goalkeeper.