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Mafalda Rodiles talks about the difficulties in the relationship with Gustavo Santos

Mafalda Rodiles talks about the difficulties in the relationship with Gustavo Santos

And Feast day for Gustavo Santos. On Saturday, May 27, the TV presenter turns 46 years old.

The private date was publicly scheduled by his girlfriend, Mafalda Rodiles, who, by a public statement, spared no praise for her better half.

“Congratulations, love, on your 46, but above all on the road you’ve taken here. For father you are, for man, for person, for voice, for courage, for everything. You are such a special person, if only people knew Just.. you overcome yourself every day and achieve the impossible,” he began by focusing.

The actress added to her words a set of photos of the two of them, including the first photo they took together. “This is our first picture, some we’ve never shared. I look at it and it seems like it’s been a lifetime, I can no longer imagine my life without you, and I don’t want to,” he said.

Because not everything is “roses” in a two-person relationship, Mafalda also wanted to address the challenges the couple faced, and faced, to make love prevail:

“The adjustments made by two people who meet at the age of 38 and 44, who already have two children on each side, are not easy. It is not easy to go back to a belief, build everything again, and decide to have another child. But it is not easy. It was easy. Because it had to be.” ️

Gustavo Santos and the actress were recently the parents of baby Antonio, who joins their children, two on each side, as a result of their previous relationships.

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He added, “I’m happy by your side and I hope it stays forever. Congratulations, my love, and now let’s celebrate.”

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