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Major Granberg on the eastern side of NATO: - The biggest dilemma that Vladimir Putin has moved into

Major Granberg on the eastern side of NATO: – The biggest dilemma that Vladimir Putin has moved into

About 200 Norwegian soldiers are stationed at Camp Rukla, which is about nine miles from the capital, Vilnius. He writes here that a Norwegian has been here since 2017 Internet newspaper.

Norwegian soldiers are part of what NATO calls the Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP), and they are here to defend NATO’s eastern flank.

Putin wanted to reverse what he achieved

The commander-in-chief of the Norwegian soldiers in Lithuania is Major Alexander Granberg. He believes that NATO is stronger than ever, and that Russian President Vladimir Putin can thank himself for that.

Without exaggerating the strategic risks Putin has taken, perhaps the biggest is how close NATO is. The alliance is in flux now and has no intention of budging Granberg says Internet newspaper.

While NATO under President Donald Trump lived under more or less constant threats that the United States might leave the alliance, today the situation has been turned upside down.

Putin wanted to reverse what he achieved. Ironically, Major says, he gave the Alliance a glue, a paste, that we would hardly have managed on our own.

Russia: No other mobilization plans

Russia claimed on Tuesday that it had no plans to call up more Russian soldiers to fight in the Ukraine war with a second round of mobilization.

Vladimir Putin ordered a “partial” mobilization of Russian reservists earlier this year, but claimed that the call-up of 300,000 soldiers had been completed by the end of October.

Despite this, some in the West accused Moscow of “secret” mobilization, with reports of Russian prisoners being forced to fight in Ukraine.

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– I cannot speak on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, but there are no discussions in the Kremlin about this, said the media official of President Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, on Monday, when asked about the possibility of a new round of mobilization, according to Sky News.