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Majwka 2022. Will shops open on May 3, Constitution Day?  :: Magazine :: RMF FM

Majwka 2022. Will shops open on May 3, Constitution Day? :: Magazine :: RMF FM

On May 3, we celebrate the celebration of the Constitution. Will shops and malls open on this day? Where else can you go for emergency shopping on the last day of a picnic? Check it out!

May 3 – Celebration of the Constitution

May 3 is a national holiday One of the most important days in the history of Poland. Passed May 3, 1791 Polish Constitution, Which is the first of its kind in the world. The basic law was passed Four-year SezmIt was convened in October 1788. May 3 is a public holiday, first established in 1919. They were reintroduced in 1990, when its celebration was banned during World War II and Communism.

Constitution Day – Will shops and galleries open on May 3?

May 3 is a national holiday National Day I A public holiday. By law, trading on that day is prohibited, therefore Shops and shopping malls will not be open until May 3. Be identical with urzdamiClosed to visitors during the holidays. Changes are also waiting for travelers who want to use public transportation on that day. Therefore, it is necessary to check before a long trip Important The Sunday scheduleAvoid travel problems.

Feast of the Constitution – Where to buy on May 3?

What if we urgently need painkillers or kitchen ingredients? Then it can become a living thing Small neighborhood shops, If in cash – subject to legal exception – will be their owner. Additionally, on May 3, they may open Florists, Bakeries, Pastry shops, Agricultural stores And Opportunity and points for selling coupons for mutual betting games. Additionally, they can be unlocked Airport stores, Stations I In free zones. The trade embargo does not apply Pharmacy.

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