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Make a shocking discovery in the House of Horrors

Make a shocking discovery in the House of Horrors

The US state of South Alabama has been rocked by shocking details that came to light after a 12-year-old girl was found badly beaten with marks around her wrist.

For more than a week, the girl must be held in a mobile home in Dadville. In the end, she miraculously managed to escape.

But the brutal kidnapping case will be just the tip of a very dark iceberg.

Chewing his way to freedom

The man in his thirties who is now on trial is the ex-boyfriend of the girl’s mother.

According to court documents obtained by CBS affiliate WRBL, he tied the girl to bed so he could abuse her.

He is said to have used alcohol and drugs during captivity to keep her drunk.

In a desperate attempt to break free, the girl began to chew the rope holding her. After constant chewing – and breaking the brace – I finally escaped the nightmare.

Reported to the police

The heavily involved girl was discovered by a passing motorist. She had visible marks around her wrist indicating she was being held captive, CBS News wrote.

The girl received medical attention and, according to Tallapoosa County Sheriff Jimmy Abt, is being well taken care of.

Signal: A hand signal that means “domestic violence – I need help” saved a 16-year-old girl from kidnapping. Video: tiktok
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After notifying the police of the incident, they rushed home. When they stormed the door, a foul stench greeted them.

He made a disgusting discovery

During the search, two rotting corpses were found that had been cut into smaller pieces.

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WRBL reported that the girl’s mother and brother were found in the carriage. According to the TV channel, the man allegedly strangled the mother with a pillow before killing her son.

The man is said to have dismembered the bodies in an attempt to conceal the crime. He then held the woman’s daughter hostage for more than a week.

– real hero

“I say she’s a real hero,” Abit said at a press conference after the girl was found healthy.

According to the police, the disappearance of the girl at the time of the escape was not reported. Thus, the escape was crucial to opening an investigation into the case.

The man was arrested half an hour’s drive from where the girl was being held. He is currently accused of several murders and kidnappings. The police do not rule out that there will be more charges.