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Make no mistake, we all have problems.

Make no mistake, we all have problems.

On Saturday, August 28, Marco Costa decided to tackle an increasingly emerging issue these days: mental health in the age of social media.

The famous pastry chef, also known for his motivational thoughts and messages on digital platforms, argues that what gets posted online is just one aspect of life.

“How often does a person go down? How often do we think about putting the towel on the floor?” Do you know how many? a lot of! On social networks, we have the ability to control what we want to show, I can easily show the good side, only the pictures are in great physical form, but that’s not the real thing”I started writing.

“Don’t be fooled, we all face difficulties and problems in life”, then warned.

“When asked what it means to be ‘known’, I say it has a responsibility to show the truth! Don’t be fooled by the pretty things that show you ‘we are influencers!’ Not everything is beautiful and we all have less than good things!”, he added.

“Addicted” to gym training, Marco Costa feels that his physical form has not always been in the best of times, however, he is proud to admit that he was able to improve again. “After many years of losing my physical ‘shape’, I returned to training at will, and although now showing my condition, I went through several phases where I felt like I had stopped training and eating well and almost gave up.”, I acknowledge.

“Do you know where the difference is? Although we all have less good ideas, we don’t let them win and not give up! I know it’s just a body, it doesn’t make me a better person, it doesn’t make me richer, but it makes me very happy! And we live to be happy”, is over.

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