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Making Money From Divorce, Pipoca Mais Doce Destroyed By Psychologist Teresa Paula Marquez - Nacional

Making Money From Divorce, Pipoca Mais Doce Destroyed By Psychologist Teresa Paula Marquez – Nacional

‘Separados de Fresco’ is the latest project of Ana Garcia Martins, the famous Pipoca Mais DoceIn which she and David Christina shared details of their separation and the “grief” period of the divorce. On the second episode of the podcast, the blogger shared the listeners with the entire breakup process, Which is the fact that Ricardo Martins Pereira ended the marriage by email.

Ana Garcia Martins revealed her private life in detail. to tv guide, Teresa Paula Márquez, Clinical Psychologist, Ph.D. in Educational Psychology who was made famous by the Portuguese on “Supernanny”, by SIC, and TVI’s “Big Brother”, that there is no need for such disclosure and that none of this is innocent.

It is also necessary to take into account that Ana Garcia Martins is a blogger (and the “ex” too), that is, she lives on likes and views. So this is a way to make lemonade, because life gave you lemons,” says the psychologist.

According to Teresa Paula Márquez, this exposure to private life, in addition to being profitable, can also help in getting to her ex-husband. “What’s going on It’s another strategy to make money at the cost of exposing your private life, revenge on your ex and rejection/betrayal.. By putting themselves in the role of the victim, people will start attacking the ex-husband.”

The psychologist draws attention to the lucrative side of the controversy and how Ana Garcia Martins can use it. But such special care is required with children. “We have to take that into account Hate is also a very profitable business.. it’s a The former blogger couple knows all too well that controversy increases audiences And in the virtual world, Views translate into financial gain. In the end, they both win the argument, even if it’s in the middle Sacrifice the intimate relationship between you and your children. It’s a “price” to pay, but it has certainly been considered. Nothing and no one here is innocent except the children.”

Pipoca Mais Doce’s ex-husband offers to vacation with his new girlfriend after controversy

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