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Malachi turns 4 and the friends don’t go to the party because the cake is vegan

Malachi turns 4 and the friends don’t go to the party because the cake is vegan

ShA boy was rejected by his school friends at his fourth birthday party because his birthday cake was chocolate but contained no animal products.

For more than a month, Angel Crane, 27, from Scarborough, Queensland, Australia, had been planning a party for her son, who was very excited to celebrate his birthday with a Pokemon theme, but was shocked to learn that none of Malachi’s friends wanted to… To appear.”

The boy’s mother says she gave invitations to the children, but no one confirmed their attendance because they wanted a cake made from cow’s milk.

“Every day after school I would hear him talking about the kids making rude comments about him being vegan,” Angel told Daily Mail Australia, adding that he switched to a vegan diet last year, but did not encourage his two children to follow his diet. resolution.

Malachi and his brother are animal lovers and regularly visit farms to see them up close. On one of those trips, he discovered how to make chicken nuggets, his favorite food, and swore that he did not want to eat animals.

“When I explained to him that chicken is in the nuggets and beef is in the burger, he was immediately surprised and never wanted to touch any animal product again,” he revealed.

Malachi has been a vegetarian since January, but his school friends disapprove of his new diet.

Despite everything, the mother did not give up and asked for help through social networks with communities near north of Brisbane. In a vegan Facebook group, he asked if there were any parents who wanted to take their kids to the party.

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“Next weekend is coming and we will have about 12 kids at the party. It will be good for him to make good friends with similar interests. He is a little social butterfly and is very excited about his birthday,” he noted. Finally, the mother.

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