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Homem morre e deixa R$ 11 bilhões em Bitcoin sem informar senha

Man dies leaving 11 billion BRL Bitcoin without entering a password

Bitcoin investor Mircea Popescu, a 41-year-old Romanian, has not had time to cash in on his fortune in Bitcoin. This is because he drowned while swimming on a beach in Costa Rica.

According to local sources, The Roman was swimming in an area unsuitable for swimmers in Costa Rica. Within seconds, he was swept away by a current, drowned and ended up dying.

The billionaire, who according to sources will be one of the largest BTC whales in the market, has passed away, leaving a fortune estimated at two billion dollars.

lost bitcoin

Popescu was a member of the Billionaires Club of Cryptocurrency who immigrated from their country to Costa Rica and Puerto Rico. For obvious reasons, he did not reveal his keys and access to anyone. Now your billion dollar fortune could be lost forever.

Popescu, well known and respected in the cryptocurrency world, has earned a reputation as a “brilliant mind.” After all, he helped shape the popular Bitcoin Standard book. as it was”early adopter(Pioneer) BTC, embracing and enhancing technology from the start.

On his Twitter account, which confirmed his death, he identified himself as a “Bitcoin philosopher” and a supporter of open source systems. “For any part of the government to discuss any matter relating to BitcoinThis government has to recognize him first.”

It is estimated that Popescu owns up to 1 million bitcoins, divided into different addresses and wallets. If he had decided to sell them all at once, “it would have a large enough impact to move the price of bitcoin,” the Nasdaq publication estimates.

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Something, by the way, that Popescu himself promised if the volume of Bitcoin blocks changed. However, he failed to keep his promise. If so, it may have caused the price of the cryptocurrency to drop.

Alexander Marder, an analyst at Crypto Briefing, said Popescu digital currencies are lost forever.

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