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Manchester City wants Nuno Mendes, but he has tough competition

Manchester City wants Nuno Mendes, but he has tough competition

NOno Mendes will definitely be one of the players who will change the upcoming transfer window this summer. The young left back from Sporting is adding interest after another, and there is no shortage of European football giants. Manchester City are one of the best-placed teams, but they are not the only ones in this race.

According to information collected by sport, Nuno Mendes has a wide range of interested clubs, who really wanted to know, with businessman Miguel Binho, what were the conditions to go ahead with an official proposal from the Portuguese international.

However, there are no concrete offers on the table yet, something that should only happen in the coming weeks, especially after the tournament ends. So, with Euro 2020 approaching, the summer of Nono Mendes will be a busy one, and in Alvalade there should be no shortage of proposals to train the youngster in Alcochet.

Manchester City are involved in this race, but also clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Liverpool and Manchester United have already asked about the new national champion. For the rest, These names have already been introduced by Sport up to the minute right on time.

Armored vehicles at Alvaladi

It is worth noting that Nuno Mendes is “armored”, in Alvalade, for 70 million euros, as mentioned in the termination clause. This will always be the primary value to open negotiations between Sporting and any interested club. In addition, the Euro’2020 offer promises to increase interest in Nuno Mendes.

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