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Manchester superstar surprises co-workers on a Portuguese flight

Manchester superstar surprises co-workers on a Portuguese flight

Cristiano Ronaldo joined Manchester from Juventus in the summer of 2021 and has since scored 15 goals in 30 appearances for United.Gallery: / Phil Oldham / Shutterstock

In the derby, Manchester United lost 4-1 to rival City. Absolutely not the best star in the United team: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Big Headline After Bankruptcy: Why Ronaldo is missing from United? According to the English newspaper “Sun” Ronaldo was flown to Portugal after United manager Ralph Rangnik said he would only be on the bench in Derby. According to Ranknick’s plan, Ronaldo will have to influence the game as an alternative.

Ronaldo did not stay at the team hotel

Ronaldo firmly believed he could exert this influence in the early XI. According to the “Sun”, Ronaldo must have been angry about it.

However, a hip flexion injury may also be a real reason for Ronaldo’s absence. Coach Ranknick said at least 1: 4 after the quarter: “Our doctor came in before training on Friday morning and said that Ronaldo could not train because of a hip flexion problem and that he could not train on Saturday.”

Whatever the real reason for Ronaldo’s absence from United,: According to the “Sun”, Ronaldo’s team was reportedly surprised his team did not stay Saturday at the hotel.

Former United captain Roy Keane could not understand Ronaldo’s talk of a hip injury. Before the game, he said: “I don’t like the coach talking about hip flexion. I do not understand it. We talk about Ronaldo being a machine, and from time to time the hip flexor comes into operation. That should not be the case. ” Background: Ronaldo did not come in January due to hip flexor problem.

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Incidentally, the “Sun” asked a representative of Ronaldo, 37, to find out why he did not come. This representative stressed that it was only due to injury.

Overall, things are not going well for Ronaldo in 2022. He has scored a goal and is now waiting for a goal for three matches. The second leg of the Champions League against Tottenham and Atletico Madrid will be the biggest league games of the future. So United hope that Ronaldo will return to Manchester with fitness and help his team.