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Manchester United: Rangnik and Cristiano Ronaldo?  Great with braces!

Manchester United: Rangnik and Cristiano Ronaldo? Great with braces!

WA German chicken lands in the British Isles, it’s always a thing. During the war, Hitler’s deputy Rudolf Hess, who was allegedly involved in a secret peace operation, jumped from his twin machine Messerschmitt in the Scottish Highlands on a parachute and was arrested on the spot. Bastian Schweinsteiger did not do well then – when things were sluggish for our former world champion under coach Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, the “Sunday Telegraph” recommended his somewhat bulky “XL trousers as mains for the United States Cup”.

Ralph Rangnick is lucky in that respect. These days German is feeling the British humor of lesser fans on anti-social media as it is known that he is a magician and will be released from the Manchester United crisis and later renewed as a consultant. . “Who is Ralph?” They complain that the newcomer is not 36, but 63. But those who have no doubt about Ranknick are clearly overwhelmed by the welcome anthems of his two Swabian comrades, and the whole of England has been listening with devotion since they won the Champions League in the name of the Premier League.

What does Cristiano Ronaldo say?

“Unfortunately there is a good coach”, J ஜூrgen Klopp regrets having already competed against himself, Liverpool FC and the league. Thomas Duchess, hailed as “Tommy T” at Chelsea, is now not just an important word – but very important, as the news came to Ronnick as a player and coach for inspiration.

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What does Cristiano Ronaldo say?

The blessing of the Lord has failed, and the Divine Portuguese have a low profile. Five years ago, in an interview with the French news agency AFP, while driving for RB Leipzig, he denied interest in football kings Messi and Ronaldo, saying, “That is not our philosophy. He is too old.” 36. He is quiet because he gets strength to speak and he already has trouble putting pressure on.

The Guardian talks a lot about this. The English newspaper is currently celebrating its anniversary, founded 200 years ago in Manchester, but thinking in a contemporary way. The biggest headline these days is: “Ralph Ranknick, Manchester United and some counter-intuitive thoughts.”

Dr. as Professor. Rangnick stepped to the table

We Germans first thought of counter-pressure at the beginning of the millennium, when Ranknick was the inspiration. At that time, on an unforgettable evening at the ZDF Sports Studio, German coaches were considered strategically inferior until revolutionary Ranknick painted his innovative structure with chalk on the blackboard.

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National coach Rebecca’s wife is said to have shouted in front of the TV in delight: “Eric, why don’t you let me play like that?” “Professor Dr. Rangnick” (according to “Bild” Bundesliga tester Max Merkel), the inventor found the ball chamber, then pressed four and he took the will to breathe the enemy’s air and perform magic. As a visionary, he coached the Third Division SSV Ulm ready for the Bundesliga in 1846, and one of his players was called Thomas Tuchel. “He’s one of the main characters who made me believe in a coach,” Tuchel said.

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Ranknick was less fortunate at the time. His star was Grasimir Balakov, but the Bulgarian world star was no longer new and wanted to think ahead rather than lag behind in the game. When Ranknick replaced him in Munich in 1860, the humiliated man threw a quote from Coates (“Lick my ass!”) Over his head and shook the field against him. “Runnick out!” People shouted.

Rangnik is very lucky with the young players. At all stations from Ulm to Hafenheim and from Salzburg to Leipzig, listen to Kimmich or Upamegano. Or he was Mane, Geeta, Firmino and Werner who trained in England. But now it can be complicated.

Will the Leipzig strong man soon become even stronger?  Ralf Rangnick could not only be RB Leipzig's sports director but also coach next season

Ralph Ranknick was first a planner at Leipzig, then a sports director and later a coach.

Source: dpa / Hendrik Schmidt

What is he doing with Ronaldo?

Even if Ronaldo is not 36, if he had braces in his mouth at the age of 17, no one would have to worry. There is a good story about this since 1994, when Ranknick was still a starter as a Stuttgart junior coach, but already an excellent scout. VfB manager Dieter Hoeneß ordered him: “You need to go to Brazil immediately, there’s a 17 – year – old man.” Rangnick flew in, the rough diamond scoring two goals and preparing two more. After the game they met at the hotel, Runknick gave Cruciro Belo Horizonte’s jersey, and Runknick gave him a VfB shirt, and baby Prodigy said with his braces: “It’s great to play for Stuttgart.”

Ranknick: “It would have cost six million dollars. I told Hoeneß: If necessary, rob a bank, but buy it. ”As an austere Swabian, VfB foolishly abandoned it, and went to PSV Eindhoven with the 17-year-old Brace and was nicknamed” El Phenomenon “instead. Striker of his time. At least one thing is certain: Ranknick also discovered the young Ronaldo.

It’s too old for Ronaldo now.

Next Sunday, Ranknick will deliver his first win against Crystal Palace once the final change details and work clearance questions are clarified. And trust the skeptics who say he never went to a big club, never won a big title, never trained for a big star. It worked almost two years ago. Rangnick was actually already under contract with AC Milan at the time. He has to do what he can, which means building a whole new team with young players. Until the Milan sports director calls him and says roughly: “Look, Ralph, before you start, we’re going to get Sladon Ibrahimovic for a few months.” Presented by Rangnik. “It’s,” he says, “like a vegetarian going back to the pot of meat.”

His move to Milan failed. He was saved in old Sweden.

For that he now gets Cristiano Ronaldo.

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