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mango.  If you want to buy this set, you must be on the waiting list

mango. If you want to buy this set, you must be on the waiting list

numberada is more elegant than “twin”. With just two pieces, you can build a look without spending a lot and get a stylish result. And we’re not the only ones to think so, at least given the virtual queue created for Mango’s clothing, one of the season’s most coveted collections.

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The jacket and skirt in pencil, in a thick knit fabric, studded with diamonds, suitable for all situations. It reveals a more practical side, when worn with sneakers, and a more elegant side, with high boots or ankle boots.

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Both pieces are part of the Committed collection. This means that they have been produced using fibers and/or sustainable production processes that contribute to a reduced environmental impact.

Both are available in XSS and XXL sizes. The jacket is priced at €35.99 and the skirt is €29.99. Calculations presented, give a total of 65.98 euros.

See the pieces in the gallery above!

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