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Manuel Luis Josha tells all about Ruy Oliveira’s departure from TVI

Manuel Luis Josha broke his silence on the departure of her husband, Roy Oliveira, from the “Josha” program.

Manuel Luis Gosheh spoke for the first time about what happened to her husband, Ruy Oliveira, who announced his exit from the “Josheh” show, surprising everyone.

When the decision was made public, I was surprised. I didn’t know anything”, he began by explaining to reporters at the event to unveil the sponsors of the new version of “Uma Canção Para Ti”.

The presenter admitted that after the revelation of her husband, he thought that Roy Oliveira was upset about some situations that happened on the program. “Only after we left TVI and talked together did I realize that this was his decision alone.‘, exposed. ‘I told him he should have told me before,’ he said, ‘but he replied, and rightly so, that I would demote my rank.’

According to the interviewer, Manuel Luis Josha and Ruy Oliveira respect each other’s career decisions. “I also made professional decisions that Roy was against. Then we have our own decisions as a couple, but those decisions are made together. He admitted that was just his problem.

Faced with the possibility of Cristina Ferreira being implicated in the departure of Rui Oliveira from TVI, Manuel Luis Jocha has come out in defense of his friend and colleague. “I have to defend Christina. You didn’t know anything‘, he confirmed.

On the possibility of the pair moving to SIC or RTP, the spokesperson said:If the competition invites you, it will be very interesting. If there is a channel that wants to invite you, no problem.. I have nothing to do with it. It’s Roy’s decision.”

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