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Manuel Marquez: "Christmas is many days of celebration"

Manuel Marquez: “Christmas is many days of celebration”

Photo: Paulo Jorge Figueiredo

There is a lot of that Brand Guide He is part of the Lego family, so with enthusiasm the actor always accepts the invitation to come at the brand’s birthday party. This year was no exception accompanied by his daughters, Agnes, 14 years and Elisa, six, and his girlfriend, who is also an actress Beatrice Barrosa.

“I’m in a very happy phase, of course I am. It didn’t make sense otherwise. It was easy for my daughters to adapt.” [à separação]And very easy. It was a transition, of course, but it’s going smoothly. We are ok”, the actor took to CARAS.

And it was in this bubble of love that Manuel Marquez began planning Christmas. “I wanted to make a Christmas tree these days, but I still don’t know, because we don’t have the house ready. My daughters love to live Christmas close to the date, but I don’t, I love this time and look forward to everything. Moreover, Christmas is a series of feast days distributed by families. But it’s nothing new, it has always been that way. By the way, how did we come to live Christmas at my sister’s house [Ana Marques]My mother usually makes a fake birthday that day: my father dresses up as Santa Claus and gives gifts, everything as if it were the twenty-fourth. It’s really cute”, joint.

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