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Manuel Valls, l’éternel revenant

Manuel Valls, Eternal Ghost – Journal of the French Abroad

Go with him to the door and he will come back through the window! Man is not the type to give up. The unfortunate candidate for the post of mayor of Barcelona in 2019, he left the political career of Spain, without much success, is trying to advance again in France. But finally in Catalonia (do you still follow?), In the 5th tier of the French population living abroad (Portugal, Spain, Andorra and Monaco) former Prime Minister Franுவாois Hollande can launch a new takeover attempt and take rebirth. Its ashes, like the phoenix, were handed over according to a carelessness RMC information. “He’s talking about this all over the world and even the president!”, Mocks the same source. It should be noted that this constituency has a particular history since 2017: first LREM candidate Samantha Casephone won, and a few months later the election was invalidated by the Constituent Assembly due to irregularities in the postal vote. Ms Cazebonne was re-elected in April 2018 against a candidate backed by a wide range of left-wing parties, with her rival LR running for second place in June. Samantha Cazebonne last year, in the middle of the castle, wanted to slip into the Senate and left the constituency barren in the hands of her deputy Stephen Wojciech. Voters can take this into account when voting at the ballot box in June.

The most desired module

Especially with regard to Manuel Valls, there is a logic: of Catalan descent, he lives in Barcelona for a good part of the year, so in the constituency. The King of 49.3 dreams of finding an anchor for five years on the shores of the Mediterranean, even though it is difficult for him to deal with local politics that boils down to two currents of pro and anti. He will thereby regain the gold of the legislature he left behind in 2018 to campaign on the other side of the Pyrenees, and then Eszone’s deputy. Problem: This gold block is highly desirable and the candidates are busy promising it again. Finally, we know the animosity between Emmanuel Macron and Manuel Valls because the former mayor of Évry tried to prevent him from running for the top post in 2017. In an attempt to make himself desirable again in the chat, the interested party will never stop. Support for the presidential candidate. At the start of the campaign, he said he was the head of state “The only choice” Possible and last Saturday, during Emmanuel Macron’s only encounter at the La Defense Arena, he sat in the front row facing the cameras of the news channels. If that’s not enough, Manuel Valls, a columnist on RMC and BFMTV today, has doubled his stance by calling for a vote for the LREM candidate in a supportive tweet in recent days. At this point, play Jack Tudrong’s song in the loop on our CD player. “Opportunist”It certainly hasn’t aged since it was released in 1969.

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