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Manuel Valls is causing controversy by saying “stop immigration”

Former Socialist Prime Minister Manuel Valls did not take off his gloves on Sunday to stop immigration in France and ban “family reunification and especially marriages”. Words that provoked many reactions.

When it comes to migration, you need to press the “Stop Button” and “Rest”. Who made these comments at a political event on Sunday? Eric Zemmer, Marine Le Pen? None of the far-right leaders … these words were written by none other than former Prime Minister Franசois Hollande: Manuel Valls. The former Socialist was the guest of Europe’s “big crowd” on Sunday, where he was questioned by journalist Sonia Mabrook. And Manuel Valls did not take any tweezers to discuss the important issue of immigration. “Republican leftists should talk about immigration. For example, today we say stop immigration,” he said.

Manuel Valls wonders: “Do we need new immigrants?”. To the member for Essonne, the answer is “no”. He believes that the country has other priorities, “including the absorption of those who live on our soil and their love of this country, its language, its culture and its history.” The former MP argues that the question of immigration is necessary. It is absurd not to understand that most of the French are concerned about immigration and that Eric Zemmer’s success is due to this feeling of not noticing it.

“Prevent Family Reunion”

During this interview, Manuel Valls takes the point home. According to him, “we should ban family reunification and especially marriages because it creates a major source of immigration and ghettos.” The former prime minister evokes the Zemmour event, which fought against immigration, the central theme of his campaign: “Eric Zemmer’s ideas, they are, the so-called ‘gemorization’ of the mind, even before Eric Zemmer, he analyzes history (…) we must fight him (…) Face him on merit. “

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These ideas reacted to the political class. So, Aurélien Taché’s deputy (formerly LREM) said on Twitter: “Saying ‘leave’ and limit marriages to couples of the same nationality … this time Manuel Valls, this is really a decline of discipline. Disgusting”. Even the anger of Paris LREM vice-president Hughes Renson said, “After losing his unqualified nationality, Manuel Valls continues his work. The end of immigration, the end of family reunification.

Finally, in a similar interview, Manuel Valls commented on Valerie Beckress’s victory over the LR candidate, referring to the next presidential election: “Valerie Beckress’ candidacy appears to be a viable and viable alternative.” The words of the majority of the President ….