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Many go to hospital after chemical discharge in amusement park - VG

Many go to hospital after chemical discharge in amusement park – VG

BADELAND: Photo from Splashtown Amusement Park in Spring, Texas. Photo: Melissa Philip/Houston Chronicle

Many have reported breathing problems and itching after a leak or leak at the amusement park.


About 60 people had to be disinfected after what was described as a “chemical accident” at an attraction at the Splashtown theme park in Spring, Texas. The Harris County Fire Department writes on Twitter.

A spokesman for the authorities said at a press conference that the accident started in a children’s pool. A lifeguard initially fell ill, then several children emerged from the pool and had trouble breathing, he writes ABC.

Writes leaked sulfuric acid and chlorine. Sulfuric acid is used to lower the very high pH of the swimming pool.

According to the news station huh Twenty-six others were taken to hospital, while 39 others were discharged. According to the channel, many suffer from skin irritation and breathing problems. Everyone affected by the accident has now been cleansed.

The three-year-old’s condition was more serious, but the condition should be stable according to AP.

Theme park is now closed, writes Fox News.

“The safety of our guests and workers is our top priority, and the park was immediately emptied while we were trying to find the oar,” spokeswoman Rosie Shepherd said, according to the Associated Press.

– As a safety measure, the park is closed for today.

An investigation was launched into what happened.

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