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Many municipalities in Viken want national measures - VG

Many municipalities in Viken want national measures – VG

High stress: Ostfold Klins Hospital has seen many redundancies and an increase in sick absences recently.

Infection rates in Viken are on the rise, and many municipalities are now calling for national measures. In Rogaland, many municipalities are calling for clearer guidance from the central authorities.


Infections are increasing in several places in the country, and there is now a growing trend of infection in 134 municipalities.

Vestland rapporteurs already I asked for national measuresAnd now there’s more pending.

– Several municipalities are calling for national measures and help with the level of measures that they should implement in the region. We understand this as a request for clearer communication, Oslo and Viken district doctor Helga Arianson tells VG.

Moreover, Arianson says they are waiting for a new letter from the health minister on Friday.

– Together with the FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, we will inform the municipalities as soon as possible.

The district doctor considers the situation in the area to be serious.

Infection rates are high. Municipalities and hospitals describe conditions somewhat differently, but health services in many of our municipalities are under pressure. There are hospitals too, but we don’t have reports that not everyone with COVID-19 who needs it receives treatment.

Ariansson says they have been in close dialogue with both the FHI, the Norwegian Directorate of Health and the municipalities.

– There are difficult assessments of what are now proportionate and appropriate metrics beyond what is actually recommended.

The district doctor in Oslo and Viken, Helga Ariansson.

Acting District Physician Andres Nessett at Rogaland State Administrator talks about the need for clearer signals from health authorities.

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There is discussion about the need for more concrete guidelines from national governments. Many municipalities find it difficult to interpret signs from a central location. It is seen as difficult to know at what level the measures should be applied, acting district physician Andres Nesset at Rogaland state manager for VG says.

High dialogue with the opposition municipalities

State Director: Bint Hoyi had a dialogue on the level of measures with the opposition municipalities of Rogaland. The photo is from when Høie was vaccinated as Minister of Health.

Former Health Minister Bint Hui has been appointed as the new head of state.

Høie recently held a dialogue with the political leadership with municipalities in Nord-Jæren after disagreement over the need for new measures against infection there.

– We have a dialogue with these municipalities. We try to find solutions based on the fact that they face different needs for measures. But it is likely that there is a consensus that a tightening of measures is needed, Nessett tells VG.

– What is the vaccination rate for the third dose in Rogaland?

– It’s a little different. Some municipalities are ready for the priority age group over 65 years. Nessett answers: Others have speeded up the pace now that the latest development is in place.

He doesn’t want to say outright that the key guidelines were even better when his new boss, Bint Hui, was the health minister.

There are many stages in this epidemic. Now that we are entering a new phase, there are a lot of new things. This increases the need for guidance. We want this as soon as possible, but it has to be foolproof and convenient. If central governments come up with new guidelines and procedures on Tuesday over the weekend, I think it’s time, says Nessett.

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Several countries, including the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, have introduced strict border measures to prevent the spread of the new virus variant, B. 1.1.529, which was first detected in South Africa. European Commission also stop wings flying from six countries in South Africa.

On the other hand, the International Family Health Organization is reluctant to call for similar measures in Norway.

There is every reason to follow this alternative closely, but we need more information before we can make a final position on what kind of measures might be effective. It is also too early to say whether stricter entry restrictions or other measures will be relevant recommendations for Norway, says subject manager Frode Forland at the National Institute for Health and Safety.

Difficult period

Cities in Ostfold now offer a number of measures To stop the sharp increase in infection in the area. Among other things, targeted coronavirus testing for school children and young adults will be started.

– The recommendations are in addition to what applies nationwide, and are coordinated with the municipalities of Sarpsburg, Fredrikstad and Haldane, says communications consultant Vibeki Weibel Eliassen.

Trøndelag’s county doctor, Jan Aage, told VG that since the end of October they have infected more than a quarter of all infections that occurred during the pandemic.

– It was a difficult period. I think it’s seen as too huge, and it’s uncertain how to introduce the measures now, says Aage, and adds:

– You have a certain fear whether it would be wise to have a Christmas table now.

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Aage says it has nothing to do with regional measures now, but many believe it would have been easier if there had been clear national guidelines.

– We probably all wanted a package of measures from the central authorities, where you can choose between measures

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Nakstad about the new virus variant: – Hard to avoid

– the control

Agder state manager, Stein A. Whitland, the situation in the area is dangerous, but you have control.

We have four municipalities that have introduced local regulations, but these are now either closed or on the way to becoming one. The municipalities have regular contact with us, Hdir and FHI for advice and guidance.

Yetterdahl says they are in close dialogue with municipalities, and are following the situation closely.

– Regarding national and regional measures, we support the professional assessments of the FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, and follow the assessments and measures established there.

regional solution

In Troms and Finnmark, infections are increasing in many municipalities, including Alta, Hammerfest and Karasjok.

Director of State Elizabeth Vic Asbacher told VG Thursday that clearer communication is needed.

We support Vestland in wanting national support and good information to the population about why measures are important and why we should have recommendations. Failure to consider the health service: Hospitals say they are full and must cancel planned treatments.

The state official has held two meetings with municipalities in the county since last Friday, in which they came up with a regional solution to manage Corona.

We have now come in that we have received a suite of solutions with help from FHI and in dialogue with our municipalities, where FHI has advised on what could be a package of measures that could be regionally adapted,” Aspaker said Thursday.

The first step is recommendations, and the second step is organization and order. At present, only Tromso has regulations, other municipalities are not in the regulatory stage.